The Quiet King

The Quiet King

You might miss him in his quietness, not seeking power or fame
Self assured, contained within, humble is his name
But if you take a moment to consider him you'll find
A heart so great, a soul so deep, a clear and focused mind

And as you watch him move with grace you may begin to see
A spirit carried well within that lives with dignity
And should you look into his eyes the depths you will not fathom
As he has walked a path the likes that no-one could imagine

Not a journey for the weak, lives are lost along this way
A journey only heroes walk with strength of those that pray
And when you ask about his past with silent gaze afar
He measures what your heart can bear then smiles, Alhamdullah

This is a man the rarest kind, of him history will sing
And to the poetess he loves, he is The Quiet King

Copyright Sandra Hillawi 5 November 2015

With You My Dragons

There upon a moonlit night 
Did I behold the glorious sight
Fire dragons flying high,
Wondrous power filling the sky
‘Behold I greet you’ for ’tis the end, 
An era’s gone, ‘welcome new friends’
No more the days of mild and meek,
With courage and valour I now will speak   
‘I give you my trust’, and on I climb 
‘To ride with you new paths divine’
Heart ablaze protecting strong,
With You My Dragons is my new song
And as I fly the path is clear, 
Forgiven forgotten at last I’m here
Clean and ready in fiery power,
Into the new this auspicious hour
We fly together in joy and love 
Clearing the way from realms above
The worlds our stage and now’s the time
With glorious dragons my soul can shine

Copyright Sandra Hillawi 13th July 2019