Stop Trying To Heal It

The Love Clinic – Stop trying to heal it!! In The Love Clinic today  with a client suffering still today from childhood traumas. Today we just talked about how long this client had had this problem and how long he’d been trying to heal this problem. There came a point of realisation that he wasContinue reading “Stop Trying To Heal It”

Overcoming Marriage Vow Nerves

The Love Clinic and Marriage Vow Nerves Today I had the privilege to assist a young bride to be in the emotional preparation for her wedding vows. In all the preparation for the happy event, there eventually comes the moment where vows of love are exchanged, symbolised by the exchange of rings, and the spiritualContinue reading “Overcoming Marriage Vow Nerves”

Shields and barriers to love and how to reconnect and feel again

What stops us from feeling love when we may even be surrounded by love? What makes us numb and not feeling our emotions? And how can we get back to feel again, and receive the love from others? This video explains how with EMO Energy In Motion more… Learn more about EMO Energy In MotionContinue reading “Shields and barriers to love and how to reconnect and feel again”

Headaches and migraines healed with EMO Energy in Motion

Stressful events are stored in our body and can be retriggered bringing back the pains of the past. We can even end up with chronic pain as a result of unresolved stress emotions in our energy body. In this video I share a client story of healing headaches and migraines with EMO. Learn how toContinue reading “Headaches and migraines healed with EMO Energy in Motion”