Healing Pain With Love

Welcome to my site where you can find help for your pain, whatever kind of pain that may be, without drugs, gadgets, lotions or potions, simply with love and even children can learn how to do it.

Healing Pain With Love is a set of Videos to help you change your experience of your pain. You can watch them free on this website or request to purchase the whole set of 8 videos to receive your personal links to your email box to view anytime.

In Videos 1 to 3 (completely free) I guide you in how to use the energy of love to change your experience of pain towards more comfort and ease. In Videos 4 to 8 I teach the how and why this method works, with examples and guided healing sessions to help you heal your past painful events which may be the origins of your pain today.

Healing Pain With Love Online Course Starts again in February Live Online with Sandra.

Each week I will guide and lead you for immediate healing of your pain and take time to explore and evolve with you the origins of your problems so you move towards more lasting comfort freedom and empowerment with love. In the group you will enjoy the magic and power of the group energy, community support and learn and apply several methods ways of healing with the energy of love to become a powerful energy healer yourself. Replays if you miss a meeting. Course Details and Registration

The Simple Approach

No matter the source of your pain, approaching it and dealing with it in a different way may bring you more comfort and ease.

Whilst this approach is in no way medical and is not a replacement for medical treatments you may need, showing you a new way of being with the pain can change your experience a little or a lot.

Most pain has some emotional or energetic component. This can be arising from the energies of life trying to flow through us as we experience them, not only in our mind but our bodies. Where there is blocked energy there is less energy flowing in that place. Flow and healthy circulation is inhibited. Healing Pain with Love simply brings the energy of Love to the areas where it is needed. When we restore energy and flow our emotional symptoms transform and our mind body spirit responds. We experience evolution and change.

I welcome hearing from you about your experiences using this gentle approach of love. Feel free to add your comment on the blog or send me a private email.

When you have experienced your own personal changes using these videos, I would love it if you helped me with my Mission to help 1 Million people, by sharing this website www.healingpainwithlove.com with those you know who may like help.