Healing Pain With Love  is my new website for my work to help people heal the pains of life with love.

The videos, the 8 Week Live Online Course and private sessions are here to help you in your life. By this way, I can share with you from my heart and vast experience what has been my life mission to help and support anyone who is in difficulty or pain or struggle.

Some content is completely free of charge to anyone in need and who doesn’t have the resources to pay for support.

My Personal Story

I know something of difficulty and emotional pain and these methods I am sharing here have been vital to me in countless ways over the years. I have also shared them with many clients and as an Energy Trainer for many years.

I have stood beside my beloved husband in love during many years where he has experienced serious health issues. This has tested my limits and forced me to grow through my own heart breaks, moments of fear and worry dynamics, energy collapses until each time I rose again. Adversity forced me to evolve in my heart in courage, strength, faith, love, compassion and endless patience.

In the hundreds of trainings I have conducted over this time, I have shared tears, love and happiness with my beloved students. We have navigated our way to overcoming the pains of our lives to triumph into love freedom and empowerment. By teaching others, this wave of healing has already gone out and around the world and I am deeply grateful to all who have attended in the past.

It’s been a long emotional journey for me so far with my heart dancing between joy and pain.

How You Can Benefit

Here are a few ways.

  1. Request the Healing Pain with Love Videos or the 8 Week Online Live Course or Personal Coaching. While I am helping you, your purchases give me the wind beneath my wings that I need to fly further.
  2. Help others by sharing this website www.healingpainwithlove.com with its free help videos and the rest of the content. This can help people with any kind of pain, physical, emotional, chronic, residual, psychosomatic or pains of life.
  3. Download my song It’s Love from Amazon to lift up and lighten your energy.
  4. Visit the blog pages, for example the new poem With You My Dragons
  5. Arrange a joint venture programme with me where I can share about Healing Pain With Love and help people in your community. Contact me to discuss ideas to work together.
  6. Visit my facebook page Love Training With Sandra Hillawi
  7. Join me with your friends in the facebook Live Feeds I am doing regularly to help people in pain and struggle free of charge and help me share wider through your watch parties.

I will continue to work and serve and add more resources, free and paid, to the website as I go along. I hope to keep our connection through my open heart and my poems and through playing a meaningful role in your life at this point in time.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you at this time. It’s a source of great happiness to me when I make a difference to someone.

God bless you for being here and for your help directing others in need.

In gratitude and love, Sandra Hillawi

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