Healing Hands Your Stories

Message from Trainer Sandra Hillawi…. I thought you might be interested to hear what you can do when you learn to channel the energy of love through your hands to bring healing. Here are some heart warming stories for you from the current Modern Energy Healer course. Our lovely group of 12 have just over halfContinue reading “Healing Hands Your Stories”

Healing The Roots of Chronic Anxiety

Healing The Roots of Chronic Anxiety A Case Study – shared with permission

I met Marylin (name changed) while training in London. She had a beautiful radiant energy of love but was suffering terribly from anxiety especially at night. It was something she’d suffered on and off through her life but she had masked the effects with light alcohol and choosing to work at night and sleep in the day, trying medication at times, and distracting herself as much as she could. This is how her healing session went.