Headaches and migraines healed with EMO Energy in Motion

Stressful events are stored in our body and can be retriggered bringing back the pains of the past. We can even end up with chronic pain as a result of unresolved stress emotions in our energy body. In this video I share a client story of healing headaches and migraines with EMO. Learn how toContinue reading “Headaches and migraines healed with EMO Energy in Motion”

At The Veterans Cafe – A Heart Warming Story

Healing with Love – At The Veterans Cafe
Sandra tells of a chance meeting with a Veteran at the local cafe, struggling with his emotions and memories. She relates their encounter and how she helped to set him free, healing with love.

Transform ANY Emotion with …

Transform ANY emotion with EMO Back in 2002 I found myself sitting at the Commonwealth Centre in Kensington for the launch of what was then known as EmoTrance. Little did I know back then what a date with destiny that was to be for me. It was my first real introduction to emotions and energyContinue reading “Transform ANY Emotion with …”