Finding a Lost Kitten and Releasing Years of Grief with The Magic of EMO Energy in Motion

Transforming our emotions and energy is simple, natural, and immediate with EMO Energy in Motion.

We simply ask ‘where do you feel the problem in your body?’ or it can be in your wider energy field, and we use attention, intention, to soften blockages and improve energy flow.

When we change our energy… magic happens as you see in this video. How a lost frightened kitten found its way home and how years of grief locked in the jaw softened and released in minutes. “I don’t have to be strong anymore, I can just let go” she said and “It’s magic, my kitten came home not long after our session, wonderful, thank you!”

7 minutes of energy magic

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The Healing Power of One Star Memory

I have to share about an amazing session this week with my client who is on a big healing journey. Grab a coffee and watch my video of this inspiring story of transformation.

One positive memory has the power to light up your life and change so much about the way you think about yourself and the world.

The Healing Power of Chips in Grease Proof Paper From My Gran” – video 10 mins

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Energy Healing is Easier Than You Think

Have you ever wondered about becoming an energy healer, whether you have the natural ability or what’s involved?

Have you found yourself at times of struggle not knowing how to get yourself back to feeling in flow and power again?

And have you ever watched someone else you care about struggle and wish you could just place your hands on their pain to create ease but you didn’t have the confidence? Or if only you knew how to help them tune in to their own emotions in the body and guide them to soften and flow you wouldn’t feel so powerless.

Energy healing is so easy.

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How Do You Heal From Years of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

How do you heal from years of child sexual abuse?

One client’s story with TAT Tapas Fleming’s Acupressure Technique that helped to make the breakthrough.

Let’s call this client John. Suffering sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse for many of his young years had left John scarred emotionally with lingering PTSD symptoms all the way through to his adulthood. Now at 54 after years in therapy, years in learning and practising self help and healing methods, you name it he’s done it,  he was still suffering with extreme chronic physical pain, anxiety, seizures, lack of self confidence, hyper-vigilance and generally not feeling safe in the world.

Not to say the methods employed didn’t work. Each had an impact on healing pain, creating freedom ease and learning in the sessions. But the symptoms returned. There was just so much complex history and it went so deep but John was committed to making his healing journey. So how did we get a breakthrough?

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What Your Star Matrix Reveals to You

Hidden in the highlight moments of your life, and I mean moments, that happen and pass in a flash, is tremendous energy that reveals so much.

These moments of wonder, enlightenment, pleasure, love, connection usually come and then go as life continues on. We pay little attention to them. However if we tune into those moments, those Star Moments in time, we can unleash tremendous energy, a wealth of positive emotions, our innate natural abilities, our innate wisdom of life and knowing who we really are. The truth is in these star moments.

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