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Find Your Way Back To Love
The Ultimate Self Help Guide
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The Love Clinic will show you …

  • How to fall in love with you
  • How to attract the love you want
  • How to recover from relationship disaster
  • How to heal a broken heart
  • How to grow strong heart power
  • How to recover after an affair
  • How to overcome jealousy
  • How to heal a crush
  • How to heal after separation, divorce, loss
  • How to get closure when love ends
  • How to feel again when you are numb
  • How to handle difficult behaviours
  • How to forgive the unforgivable
  • How to love the unlovable
  • How to transform YOUR emotions
  • How to make other people happy
  • How to find true unconditional love
  • How to find your way back to love
  • Step by step guide
  • Examples for you to practice and transform yourself
  • Inspiring stories from those who found the way back to love

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Is Surrender More Powerful Than Letting Go?

Is Surrender More Powerful than Letting Go?

In my own personal explorations on my healing and evolution journey I have discovered that Surrender is more powerful than Letting Go, not only in the healing process but for spiritual evolution.

As a channel for handling the energies of life, energies often gets stuck within us, giving rise to our stress emotions, life of suffering, pain, struggle and our conditioning. When we come to the moment to explore releasing the things we are still holding within, letting go is a natural step.  The movement of energy out of our channel releases us from the pain of the past, what hurt us, our guilt, the pain of what’s missing, our attachments, our repeat patterns.

Letting go is a healthy movement of energy. The energy and events of our life are finally  allowed to continue the journey on through our channel and out.  The energies of life at last being allowed to flow, to release as we let them go and restore inner flow and alignment with who we are.

But release into what?

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At The Veterans Cafe – A Heart Warming Story

Healing with Love – At The Veterans Cafe
Sandra tells of a chance meeting with a Veteran struggling with his emotions and memories. She relates their encounter and how she helped to set him free so simply by healing with love.
Learn EMO for transforming emotions, so you can help yourself or another person in need any time