Can You LOSE An Addiction?

Is it possible to LOSE an addiction?

My colleague Dieter shared with me this funny story yesterday…

Well it happened to me… by accident. I have been a smoker for 40 years until recently when I accidentally cured myself while exploring a new energy healing technique with a friend.

Actually, this wasn’t a new technique. I knew of it and heard that it could help people with addictions but I didn’t take it seriously myself.

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Healthcare Professionals Interested to Learn About Modern Energy

Are you a healthcare professional who wants to learn how to use Modern Energy techniques to enhance your practice and help your clients and patients? If so, you will love this online course from The Guild of Energists!

Modern Energy for Healthcare Professionals Certification is a comprehensive and practical course that teaches you how to apply Modern Energy methods such as Star Matrix, EMO Energy in Motion and Energy Tapping to various health issues and challenges. You will learn how to work with the energy body, the energy mind and the energy heart to create positive changes in yourself and others.

By completing this course, you will gain a valuable certification from The Guild of Energists, the world’s largest professional organisation for Modern Energy practitioners. You will also join a global community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for Modern Energy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your skills and knowledge with Modern Energy on your journey of continuous professional development, CPD.

Full course details and purchase here

Energy Healing Online Course with Certificate

I am delighted to be able to share three energy healing online courses with certificate which I am offering, each with certification from The Guild of Energists.

  1. The Community Energy Healer Training Course
  2. The Modern Energy Healer Training Course
  3. The Energy in Motion Master Training Course also known as EMO Master

Lets compare these courses so you can decide which one may be right for you, starting with

The Community Energy Healer

This course is taught online and also on location. The online version is by live zoom classes of 3 hours (with a break) running over 4 weeks, in a group for learning, support and practice. For example this is typically one morning or one evening per week for four weeks.

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Learn Energy Healing

Learn energy healing online or by distance learning. Eight week video course and email tutor support with Sandra Hillawi, Energy Trainer for over 20 years with The Guild of Energists. Course details here.

If you are looking for a distance learning route to learn energy healing then this course with experienced Modern Energy Healing Trainer Sandra Hillawi could be perfect for you. Study from anywhere in the world, go at your own pace and be accompanied by Sandra as you make your journey of love. Certificate and accreditation with The Guild of Energists, UK.

The course will lead you to explore several ways to do hands on energy healing, touching the energy body by The Gentle Touch, The Beautiful Touch, The Royal Touch and much more. At the end you will be confident and competent to practice energy healing on yourself and to help others.

Whining Kids! From Stressed Mum to Loving Mum

Last night I had the pleasure to facilitate a heart warming transformation, shared here with permission.

This young Mum, Carolina Aragon, a Doctor in Alternative Medicine in Hurghada, was struggling to control her response to her 4 year old’s complaining and tantrums. Even dealing with energy healing everyday she was still grateful for some support an guidance to create the change she wanted.

Though she didn’t want to react in frustration and impatience, shouting at her 4 year old Carolina couldn’t help it when her child was behaving this way, it was pressing her buttons.

Growing More Calm

I asked her ‘where do you feel your frustration in your body when she is whining and complaining?’ ‘In my throat and upper chest’ she said. I guided her to allow that energy to soften and flow. It flowed up into her head and face and released. The Mum felt calmer.

We tested her again. She still had some stress emotions in her back. Again we softened and flowed this energy, this time it flowed down through her arms, was a bit heavy in her hands. We softened this until it released from her hands. Now the Mum felt much calmer in front of her child’s whining and complaining.

Growing Compassion

‘Ok now you are not affected and can handle it, lets look at what’s going on with your child when she is behaving like this. What do you think she’s actually feeling at this time?’ I asked.

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