Stop Trying To Heal It

The Love Clinic – Stop trying to heal it!!

In The Love Clinic today  with a client suffering still today from childhood traumas. Today we just talked about how long this client had had this problem and how long he’d been trying to heal this problem. There came a point of realisation that he was so attached to the outcome, the state of being healed and free, that every time he slipped back to pain, he was frustrated and angry at himself and didn’t seem to be making any progress.

In that pattern of trying so desperately to heal was there an innate inability to accept that part of ourselves, that’s seeking forever attention, enough attention, the right kind of attention that it actually needs to be able to heal.

Today we talked about surrender of the dreams and goals that we are fixed and attached to, how painful that is and yet how freeing it is when we can.

We talked about loving ourselves, just as we are.

We wondered is it possible, just for a moment , to completely allow this ‘problem’, ‘it’, to be… as it is, to not try to heal or change it… to just allow it, so completely just for a moment…. and to hold it in Compassion and understanding for how it came to be, to hold it in Love… as it is… and give it complete unconditional allowance.. to hold it in Mercy …. just for a moment…. with no expectation, no trying to reach anywhere, no trying to heal it ….. just to hold it in Love Compassion and Mercy… to breathe and be with ‘it’.

It was  an enlightenment moment, a breakthrough, a shift, and opening up, a relief a release a dawning and emergence into a new possibility, a new way of being.

I love and accept myself completely as I am with all compassion and all mercy I allow myself and all that is… to be…as it is….. and be held in love.

And so we will see the next episode in the journey.

With love and thanks

Sandra Hillawi

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Overcoming Marriage Vow Nerves

The Love Clinic and Marriage Vow Nerves

Today I had the privilege to assist a young bride to be in the emotional preparation for her wedding vows.

In all the preparation for the happy event, there eventually comes the moment where vows of love are exchanged, symbolised by the exchange of rings, and the spiritual event of the marriage actually takes place.  Its a powerful energy exchange. Not everyone can handle this emotional event easily.

Overcoming Marriage Vow Nerves

In this special moment of great love it’s not unusual for a bride or groom to be to be nervous, as many are not accustomed to expressing the feelings in their heart as the emotions are strong and our ability to handle them is undeveloped.  So we feel them but don’t speak them easily, feeling uncomfortable with the overwhelming emotions.

At such an important event, the fears are about will they be able to say the words they want to say, to express the deep love in their heart, to speak those vows for their marriage. Will they be able to express themselves and also handle the love expressed by their partner in the huge emotion of this sacred moment,  as family and friends look on sharing the moment with them.

Creating More Flow with EMO

My client felt her inability to express herself as a huge emotional blockage filling all her throat.  Using EMO Energy in Motion, we allowed this to soften and flow. The energy flowed downwards through her body and legs and out from her feet into the ground.  She felt better but there was still a small hard knot in the throat.  With gentle loving attention to this place the energy softened and flowed again downwards and out through her base.

Then ideas started to flow,. She knew what she wanted to say and her eyes and face were shining now she felt more relaxed and happy.

Next I lead her to the future moment, in her mind’s eye, where she was living or rehearsing this moment.  She welcomed the unconditional love from her groom as an energy into her heart and being.  This was also an overwhelming emotion. We softened and flowed that energy until she felt warm and stable and happy all over. Tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks.

I suggested she took a moment in this place in her mind to speak what she wanted to say. Looking into his eyes, feeling her hands in his. The words now flowed easily.  She had lots she wanted to say. She joyfully made notes of the main points that flowed through her and afterwards we reflected on the session.

This bride to be now was feeling free of her fears.

Instead of being choked with fear and emotion at this most moment important event of her life, not able to speak freely, shy in front of the gathering witnessing this event, she was now able to freely express her deep love in her heart in spoken words and her promises for their life together and receive the pure love and vows from her groom fully and deeply in return.

This exchange and receiving of love is important as the energy movement within  creates a change inside, not only a deepening of love but a transformation by love. It’s important for that energy to be expressed, to be received, and to flow.  We only get once chance for this event to take place.

I wonder now at how many marriages might lose the chance to experience this deep transformation by love in this sacred ceremony because of nerves or inability to express themselves.

As I conducted this ‘Love Clinic’ session I was so touched and moved by the beauty of our own client-practitioner moment. It was such a privilege to assist this bride to be, so that her special moment would be able to take place in the beautiful fullness of love that she dreamed.

Oh my heart! How beautiful is the work of energy healing and transformation. I am deeply thankful and honoured to have played a small role to facilitate the fullness and beauty of this forthcoming event, the moment of joining of these two hearts in holy matrimony, in the beautiful  exchange of pure love.

A blessing for me indeed.

In love and thanks

Sandra Hillawi

The Love Clinic

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