How Do You Heal From Years of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

How do you heal from years of child sexual abuse?

One client’s story with TAT Tapas Fleming’s Acupressure Technique that helped to make the breakthrough.

Let’s call this client John. Suffering sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse for many of his young years had left John scarred emotionally with lingering PTSD symptoms all the way through to his adulthood. Now at 54 after years in therapy, years in learning and practising self help and healing methods, you name it he’s done it,  he was still suffering with extreme chronic physical pain, anxiety, seizures, lack of self confidence, hyper-vigilance and generally not feeling safe in the world.

Not to say the methods employed didn’t work. Each had an impact on healing pain, creating freedom ease and learning in the sessions. But the symptoms returned. There was just so much complex history and it went so deep but John was committed to making his healing journey. So how did we get a breakthrough?

Reconnecting with TAT Tapas Fleming’s Acupressure Technique.

Recently I was re-introduced to a technique that I had learned and trained in many years ago but not used it much in recent years. TAT Tapas Fleming’s Acupressure Technique.

One of my clients, Yana Burmistrovich, had recently graduated as a TAT Professional She kindly gave us a guided demonstration of the process in a group session we had. I chose to focus on an issue that I was disconnected from but knew it was still there and it very powerfully stirred it all up and started the healing process.

What is TAT?

TAT is a simple process. You hold a specific combination of acupressure points which Tapas discovered sets up a divine energy flow within. Into that flow you go through 9 steps of focus of attention relating to different aspects of the problem.

These 9 steps cover essential energy movements that are needed for healing and evolution. They cover the problem, the opposite healed state, the origins of the problem, the places its been held in us, the parts of us that gained something from it somehow, our boundaries, forgiving those we blamed and asking forgiveness of those we have hurt and returning to wholeness.

It’s a very powerful process and creates real changes on a deep level.

And John’s Results?

For John, it has been truly transformational. We have had 4 TAT sessions so far using the script from my old practitioner training and he has practised a bit for homework.

His chronic pain levels are down to 20% of what they were with more completely pain free days which he is amazed at. He is delighted at the lightness in his being, the diminishing of fear, of guilt, of shame, of deep hurt, the fear of letting go.  New pains that emerged as he evolved cleared next day after our sessions. There is an emergence of hope that he can have another kind of life that is now opening up for him after all these years of struggle and limitation.

About TAT technique John says: ‘TAT is the most powerful of all things I have done. There are real noticeable rapid smooth dynamic shifts happening and it feels even better than all other methods I’ve tried, by far. No doubt whatsoever. It feels like having a complete spiritual makeover after being stuck in anger, fear, shame and guilt all my life and hitting my head on a brick wall trying to change. I really feel a true increasing sense of freedom and reclaiming my of my personal power. My soul is finally taking flight.’  

Having worked with John also using other modalities, I can see the real progression taking place and the new freedom that TAT sessions are bringing for him. Its impressive.

So I had to write this story up to share about the power of the TAT process. Its simple to offer as a practitioner. There’s a script. You guide the client to do the steps, knowing all the angles that need to be covered are covered by placing the attention on the statements while holding the TAT pose and repeat parts of the process until the client feels free and at peace.

We all have our methods that we love and which work best for us in different situations. TAT is working well for this child sexual abuse survivor and creating real healing, change and hope at last.

I offer thanks to Tapas Fleming and thanks to Yana Burmistrovich (facebook link), the newly qualified professional who brought this back into my awareness again after all these years.

Isn’t it wonderful how our light passes from one to the other. We never know how far the light travels and what miracles it can create along its path.

Thanks for reading.

With love, Sandra

International Master Energy Trainer

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