What Your Star Matrix Reveals to You

Hidden in the highlight moments of your life, and I mean moments, that happen and pass in a flash, is tremendous energy that reveals so much.

These moments of wonder, enlightenment, pleasure, love, connection usually come and then go as life continues on. We pay little attention to them. However if we tune into those moments, those Star Moments in time, we can unleash tremendous energy, a wealth of positive emotions, our innate natural abilities, our innate wisdom of life and knowing who we really are. The truth is in these star moments.

When we take time to remember and tell those stories, we start to access that energy again and the positive emotions. It feels good to remember and to share. Its good to ask people about their star memories too. Its an easy instant energy raiser, helping others feel good too.

When we revisit the memory, we see it from a new perspective that we didn’t realise when we were living the moment.

This information reveals meaning, significance to us in our life, new learning.

Building A New Self and Life Concept

And as we access the wisdom, the realisations arising from these star events, we realise wow, its means THAT about who I am. I really am THAT. And we start to build a new self concept.

The more we practice this ‘reactivating’ or ‘reclaiming’ our past Star Memories, and at the same time logging them as an entry in a Book, we start to build a new picture of our life as much more full of wonder and beauty than we thought.

The regular practice of doing this, accessing, reclaiming, sharing, realising, embodying steadily raises our baseline energy so that we move into a life of greater happiness.

Steering Life into a Happier Pathway and Writing Your Book of Stars Legacy

As we continue on the pathway of Star Events we are accessing and constructing our Star Matrix, the matrix of high energy events in our life. Previously that energy is dormant in the subconscious. We reactivate it and consciously embody it,.

And any time we need a bit of an energy boost we can choose from our star events matrix and now we know how, we can access that energy to infuse the current moment with light, as we leaf through our Book of Stars, the growing collection of star events that show us how wonderful life is and will be.

It took me some time to be ready for Silvia Hartmann’s Star Matrix adventure. Finally the space came that I could give to this wonderful activity and direction for exploration.

It has been such a happy journey. A contrast indeed to the therapeutic techniques helping us to heal and evolve our stress events. Star Matrix is all about the positive events of our life.This pathway is a pathway to more light, more love, more happiness, more sense of our real self as we journey on. I’m all set for new happy explorations and adventures. It’s exciting!

See the smiling faces of my last Star Matrix group in the 2 minute album from my last course.

Why Do People Take This Course Again and Again?

This is the one course from The GoE that people enroll on again, and again and again! (at river rates, usually half price for retakes) Collecting more Star Events for their Star Matrix each time. Growing their Book of Stars and Legacy. That’s really saying something about the value we place on these Star Memories which are the treasures of our lives. Revisiting and practising the skills of helping others reclaim star memories is also great to incorporate into professional work to help our clients really shine.

I highly recommend you star to dove into your own Star Matrix. Start with Silvia’s book and think about joining my next 12-week course starting in July.

Registrations are open now for Star Matrix 5th July to September 12 week journey.

Star Matrix Master Course details here.

Silvia Hartmann’s Star Matrix book is on special offer now as I write £6.69. Get yourself a copy. It can really change your energy and life for the better.

Contact me for availability for 5th July course.

Thank you for your presence.

With love

Sandra Hillawi, International Master Energy Trainer

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Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

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