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In addition to what I have created as free help for you on your journey out of pain and struggle into happiness and freedom here are some other ways you might like to engage my assistance.

The Complete Set of 8 Videos

These 3 Videos are part of a Set of 8 that I recorded to help you go further to help yourself. Through these videos you will come to understand the possible origins of your pain and how to plot a healing path for more complete and lasting change. The full set of 8 videos includes:

  1. The Safe Approach
  2. Guided Self Healing Session
  3. Tips for Better and Faster Results
  4. Complex Pain, Accidents, Injuries, Chronic Pain, Psychosomatic Pain
  5. Example Case History
  6. Pain Origins and Plotting Your Personal Healing Pathway
  7. Guided Session to Heal A Past Event
  8. Your Next Steps

Life is funny sometimes. Good often emerges from bad. The catalyst for me making these videos was the healing session I gave my friend Trisha over the phone when she fell off her bike and broke her arm. In fact, if that hadn’t happened, this site would not even exist right now.

Makes you wonder, what’s the purpose of your pain? What opportunities has it already brought to you and may still yet have to bring? What is there yet to learn?

Healing Pain With Love 8 Videos

Set of all 8 videos to guide you through healing different kinds of pain with the energy of love, accompanied by Sandra Hillawi


After your payment you will receive the download links by email. Thank you.

The 8 Week Live Online Course

Join me and a group journeying like you out of pain and struggle into freedom, happiness and empowerment. Learn and apply with competence a range of self healing methods using the energy of love.

The 8 Week Live Online Course Details Here

Heart Power Guided Meditations

Click the image to purchase.

Stabilise emotional overwhelm, anxiety and stress, grow your heart power in strength and love. Guided Meditations with Sandra Hillawi that you can use daily or when in need.

Personal Coaching and Healing Sessions

Nothing beats personal one to one healing and coaching from a highly skilled, experienced and compassionate practitioner as you explore your situation and the pathway to freedom.

Contact me to book a Free Exploration and Breakthrough Consultation of 40 minutes to discuss your personal situation, your healing pathway and the options for working together on your evolution journey.

Professional Training

Having been around since the emergence of the field of Modern Energy in 1999, and worked consistently over 20 years as a practitioner and trainer, I am probably one of the most experienced trainers in this field worldwide.

The methods I use and combine that work best for myself and with my clients and that I still teach today are ‘The Big Three’ of EMO Energy In Motion, Modern Energy Tapping, and SuperMind.

Added to those I also use skills from Modern Energy Healing and various Heart Power techniques and knowledge and concepts form MSM Modern Stress Management.

These courses from The Guild of Energists are leading edge in the continually evolving Modern Energy field and offer you a magnificent personal development journey as well as skills to become a competent confident powerful professional Energist.

To discuss your professional training aspirations and for guidance as to the next steps, contact me for a free chat or request more information about training courses. I will be most delighted to assist you as you embark upon the journey of a lifetime, to personally and continually evolve towards love and to gain the skills, the compassionate heart and experience to be able to help others from whatever place they are at, to do the same.

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