Energy Healing is Easier Than You Think

Have you ever wondered about becoming an energy healer, whether you have the natural ability or what’s involved?

Have you found yourself at times of struggle not knowing how to get yourself back to feeling in flow and power again?

And have you ever watched someone else you care about struggle and wish you could just place your hands on their pain to create ease but you didn’t have the confidence? Or if only you knew how to help them tune in to their own emotions in the body and guide them to soften and flow you wouldn’t feel so powerless.

Energy healing is so easy.

So simple. Almost everyone can learn to do it.

You can learn how to help yourself, to heal your painful stuck emotions and ease them back to flow. You can heal others by learning to guide and assist another to do the same. The world needs more energy healers that we can uplift each other.

Learn To Heal Your Self

You can become the energy healer in your community. You just need a little energy knowledge and skills and that’s why The Guild of Energists has created The Community Energy Healer low cost practitioner course.

We all have an energy body, the human spirit, where we feel our emotions as a response to the energies of life. Our stress emotions are blocked or low energy. Our happy emotions are flowing high energy. Energy healing is therefore simply about adding more energy to the places where our energy is low or blocked. ‘Where do you feel that in your body?’ we ask. We pay attention. We bring the energy of love. We use intention to soften and to restore flow until energy releases. Then we are changed.

Low Cost Course

Joining the class online or at a local organiser’s home, in 4 2-hour classes spread over 4 weeks (or sometimes a 2-day intensive) you can gain the knowledge and skills leading to a practitioner certificate as a Community Energy Healer and start helping to ease pain struggle and stress around you, as well as for yourself. The cost is low for this course to help us all reach out and touch and empower more people.

Start Your Own Community of Energy Healers

When you know a few people, maybe a family member or friends or neighbours who are also interested to learn, you can create a support community around you. You will always have someone available to assist you on your journey, and be available to them also. The light of healing can be spread to more people growing the community of like mind people on the evolution path of love.

Behind every smile, behind every door there is a difficult journey of some kind. Having the power to create ease and lighten the path for another is a truly wonderful gift that you have to offer.

Plus, if you can gather 2 or 3 friends together I will teach you all so that you can start a Community of Energy Healers and grow from there.

With more flow, with more energy, a higher vibration… life is so much easier and happier.

It really is all about energy.

Check here for The Community Healer Training course details or contact me for future availability or any questions.

Thanks for reading.

With love and thanks

Sandra Hillawi

International Master Energy Trainer

My Training Diary

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