Suffering is Your Compassion Gift to the World Waiting to be Unwrapped

Why do we have to struggle? Why is life sometimes so difficult? Is suffering necessary? What about a world without suffering, is that even possible?

We have asked these questions throughout our life time and in lifetimes before us.

Last week after doing some energy healing work on myself I opened up a deep wound that I’d been shutting out for a long time. Disconnection is a coping mechanism we all use at times to distance ourselves from painful unresolved emotions, which themselves come from past unresolved experiences where we suffered.

So with my  Pandora’s box now open and finding myself swimming in old emotions I was blessed to have coffee with a friend who is an energist colleague who was able to listen and hear me express the story of what happened.

I emptied myself over that meeting and she patiently with love listened in silence and complete attention with her beautiful open heart. She didn’t interrupt me or respond to anything until I had finished when I realised how much lighter I felt. I became aware of how valuable and precious it was to have a person like this to sit and listen, to witness my painful story with love, with compassion, without judgement, without interruption and how not everyone can do that. What a blessed and precious gift and phenomenon it is to have the compassion that allows that to be possible.

How do we grow a compassionate heart?

Of course I know the answer to this as usually it is I sitting with patient loving compassion as others share and empty themselves into my own channel of love.

How in fact did I or any person of compassion get to grow such a capacity?

As we well know, this results from our own personal suffering and struggle. Our own life experiences that break open our hearts, that show us the new limits we just reached of what we can handle of life.

As we turn our own gentle loving attention within to direct love to these inner injuries we heal and now our heart has grown some. If we continue to add more loving attention we can overflow that energy of love from our mended hearts, through our whole being. Then we find our heart and our channel for the energies of life have deepened and widened. We  became the person who can not only handle this life experience but who has learned and grown in wisdom  about it. We know what suffering is personally and we know that there is a way through to heal, to grow, to evolve because we did it.

This capacity we have gained to know, to handle and evolve through our own experience is opening up the way in us for life to flow again. Having opened up the way, we now in turn can be present to others with this new expanded compassion channel and assist them on their journey of healing, expansion and evolution into greater love and compassion in themselves.

So is suffering necessary?

In my opinion yes. Suffering is our compassion gift to the world waiting to be unwrapped.

Our painful emotions are showing us where the limits are located in our own energetic channel and calling our attention inwards. If we look inwards with gentleness, with loving attention we fill the gap, we heal the energy body, expand our channel, we flow again with the energies of life. We have grown until the next test. Meanwhile we can now be present to another’s suffering with love, to assist the other on their evolution journey too.

And what if we only ever have good experiences and no challenges? Can we grow by good experiences too?

Yes of course, we can grow in our own love and light.  Does this lead us to know what the other has suffered and the importance of witnessing that with love and understanding? Ie to grow in our Compassion too? I don’t know. That requires more research. What I do know for sure is Compassion grows out of the pain that shows us our limits yet to be expanded. This gives us hope and a new way of looking at our pain and the journey to what is beyond.

Is Compassion is a higher degree of love?

Compassion is a greater love because it can be love not only when the other is happy but in the presence of the other’s suffering. Compassion is a greater capacity of love as it allows the others pain to be received, to be understood, to be carried within itself and released through compassionate witnessing thus relieving the other of the heaviness of their burden. It is a flow of love within.  Compassion has the capacity to take action in practical kindness to ease the problem of the other and rejoices in the new lightness it has helped bring into being.  

Without Compassion  we just look on untouched while the other suffers or turn away from the triggers to our discomfort or we are affected but act from our own pain instead of love.

This is why Compassion is a blessing and gift to the world. It’s about love in relationship to ‘another’ and paves the way for collective evolution.

 When we find ourselves suffering we are on the journey to grow our compassion. As we heal ourselves we create that new pathway inside and help the world to heal in turn.

Will we ever reach a world without suffering and pain?

When every person has healed their pain and no longer acts from pain fear anger and greed in the world but acts from love instead then we have a world of love. Until then it’s for us to acknowledge our own emotions when we are triggered by the actions arising from stress emotions, turn inwards, shine energy of love there as we seek to evolve.

It is important to realise that the knowledge of energy, of emotion, of how healing works, the tools of transformation of our painful emotions, for healing our energetic injuries, is essential knowledge for life if we are personally and collectively to evolve in love.

The tools that have helped and taught me most for evolution are EMO Energy in Motion and Modern Energy Tapping/ EFT.

Every person that invests in this learning process for their own healing and evolution is a gift and blessing to this world. So the next time you are blessed to experience a compassionate person, know that they too have been through their own life challenges, done their inner work, in order to be there for you.

To conclude, suffering is our compassion gift to the world just waiting to be unwrapped.

Let us learn the ways of evolution, unwrap our gifts to let us bless the world we live in. As we heal we become the healers and the world so needs more healers.

With love and thanks

Sandra Hillawi

Master Energy Trainer

Contact Sandra for assistance on your own evolution journey or to enquire about energy healing trainings.

Sandra Hillawi’s Training Diary Here

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