Losing my Harry and Meghan Addiction

I was having coffee with energist colleague Dieter this morning on zoom and I decided to explore one of my addictive patterns…. that being scrolling and watching Harry & Meghan videos on facebook. I had found myself somehow drawn in and when I was in a low energy state, scrolling online I found myself following the videos posted about the royal couple and the details of their life, falling for all the click-bait.

A great subject to explore with the curiosity of … can I lose my addiction?

My colleague Dieter guided me to tune in to the subject and throughout the session and we used TGST approach that we had previously written about (The Guiding Star Technique, originally discovered by Silvia Hartmann which we know how to use from our professional energy trainings).

I searched for where the feelings of compulsion were in my body and softened and flowed the energy.  It took a few times of re-tuning back in to Harry & Meghan and checking what energy was remaining in my body, softening and flowing until energy flowed through my body and out, from my hands and eventually my feet too until it was flowing faster.

I now felt different about it. Not only that, but new clarity  and perspective was emerging. The clarity about social media, that people were exploiting this couple to attract clicks to their videos and I had been falling for it emerged. I also started to feel sorry for this couple living their life with the media players creating video content about every minute detail they could learn about, for people like me to consume… for what end? So the media can get more clicks, get their videos ranked, and earn money somehow and grow their own audience?

I pulled up a video of Harry and Megan with its click-bait headline on screen to check my response to it now. I felt sympathy for them, I softened and flowed that energy.

Then I remembered how I’d got drawn in. Their Netflix docu-series that I watched earlier in the year. I found it beautiful to watch, the beautiful life and Meghan herself is a very beautiful woman.

I remembered this dreamy beauty feelings I had when I watched the series. I felt those feelings in my body, nice dreamy beauty, beauty that was captivating and I had been captivated, hypnotised watching that series. I felt the feelings in my body and allowed the energy to flow until it flowed freely through my body and out.

So where am I now?

I’m in a very different place. I have perspective, clarity about the media machine and about the symbiotic relationships of the media machine, celebrities and us the consumers. I saw the energy dynamics of it all. I had unplugged myself through this evolution journey and become more conscious of my behaviour and what I had been interacting with.

It was also interesting to become aware of my pattern happening when my energy was low. As I didn’t do it so much when my energy was high. The videos were feeding some energy hunger in me, giving some stimulation, but not at a deep enough level to satisfy.

It was a very interesting experience. I also could see the beauty of the docu-series production and Meghan, the original Guiding Star moments that set up my pattern in the first place. I could appreciate it and not be compelled by it. I was finally unhooked.

I’m no longer triggered to watch Harry & Meghan videos. When I see them presented I see it for what it is, some media creator using the couple for click bait to make a living. Interesting also to consider what some people choose to make a living out of, gossip as opposed to more important news, and what kind of energy that originates from.

I wish all the very best to the couple that they can find peace within and also find a way to be in peace with the relentless media phenomenon. Something in me has grown up, evolved about that and they no longer hold the fascination that they once did.

Thank you Dieter for an interesting and evolutionary experience to getting unplugged unhooked and conscious and back in control.

Sandra Hillawi, Coronation Day 6 May 2023

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