Journey to The Star Matrix

A most beautiful 12 step journey completed this week culminating in six Star Matrix Masters.
Top row left to right 3 veteran Star Matrix Masters took another tour with us David Ingvoldstad USA, Irma Hudson USA and Dieter Maas Germany.
Second row left to right: three new graduates Emily Pearson UK, Ellen Epstein USA and Maria Perrone USA

For me personally, leading this course for the first time with my lovely group I have to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. We all experienced high energy recalling star memories, experiencing and sharing the light of that energy, and realising the meaning, the teaching and the significance of these energy rich events of our lives.

Our Star Events happen in a moment and life goes on, but inside those moments, when we unpack them, lies vast riches and treasures revealing wisdom, natural talents and the truth about our real nature, who we are. These are evolution moments and help us build our truth and authentic self concept. Becoming and consciously knowing who you are is the trip and having a great time doing it!

This was a very special course with so much happiness and new star events created within the 12 step journey too.
My group were equally delighted:

Maria Perrone USA “It was really amazing, amazing! I loved it, and loved our Wednesdays, seeing us all connect as a family, evolve on the journey and open our hearts.”

Emily Pearson UK “It is really amazing to grow this record of our star memories, to remember the good times, especially on the lower days. The Book of Stars is like a book of remedies of high energy, showing us that we are enough as we are.”

Dieter Maas Germany “With each time of taking this journey we grow even more with each reclaimed star event. It reminds us and teaches us about who we really are”

David Ingvoldstad USA “Taking the course again takes me deeper and deeper, to where I feel I’m touching the truth of myself”

Irma Hudson “It’s been wonderful!, enjoyed collecting even more star memories!”

Ellen Epstein USA “Witnessing and experiencing getting brighter and lighter! Awesome adventure, loved it!”

Star Matrix Master is a light, uplifting, enlightening, expanding journey. Its an absolute delight to teach and to take myself as I participated while I accompanied my group on our Star Matrix journey of discovery. I loved it and loved watching our community light up and shine with each step we took together. Such a contrast to working with stressful memories… an unbelievable difference! It feels like a really good pathway to be on.
Can’t wait for the next trip with the next group!!

My next Star Matrix Master training starts 5th July. Registrations have begun.
Join us as a new comer or as a veteran taking another
Star Matrix tour to gather more Star Events for your Book of Stars.

Course details here

Love and Thanks
Sandra Hillawi
International Master Energy Trainer

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