Feeling out at sea in a rowing boat trying to find my way

I had this metaphor running for what my life was like , out at sea in a rowing boat, struggling in the sea of emotions of life. So I sat myself down to do a SuperMind journey to evolve that. This is how it went.

I’m in a rowing boat at sea. There’s a hole in it and I’m bailing it out and rowing, and bailing it out and rowing. And I’m not going anywhere because how can I? I can feel the seat beneath me and the oars in my hand, but I look behind me and see the water coming in. I get up to bail out the water. The hole is there, it’s not getting any smaller. I cry real tears as how can I manage this alone? Its impossible.

I ask ‘how can this change?’ as I know this sanctuary place I am in is magical.

I start to see the hole getting smaller. I’m still bailing out the water. I asked ‘how can it be better than this?’ A friend appears and starts bailing out the water for me. So I’m just watching the hole now getting smaller as some invisible magical agent is working on it. It gets smaller still then I join in with my healing powers to make the hole even smaller. As its closing I feel something inside me changing on a deep level. Eventually it all closes up. No more water is coming in. The bailing out continues until at last there is no more water and the boat is dry and sound.

Me and the friend, which was a nameless male friend, just sat on the 2 seats of the boat facing each other with relief. Then what happened next was interesting. I was thinking with a heavy heart and tiredness ‘now I should start to row the boat again’. Then the friend said ‘leave it to me, everything’s going to be alright’. That was amazing to hear.

I asked myself ‘can I allow myself to just let somebody else row the boat for me, so I can just rest?’ and so I allowed that. The friend rowed the boat for me and I just sat on the spare seat, feeling the sea rocking and lifting the boat, the breeze in my hair and on my face, the sound of the waves, the spray from the sea, relaxing, and letting somebody else row for me.

Then the friend said ‘can we do something better than this? Could we have a better boat?’
Then magically, we are now on a yacht with a big sail, a solid strong deck and somehow I knew how to sail. The wind was in the tall white sail. I tied the mast in position and the wind was now powering the boat. All I had to do was steer.

Then I thought ‘But where? Where am I going?’

There was the open ocean, an adventure, and then there was the land. Part of me thought ‘I should be going on an adventure’ and part of me felt ‘I just want to know and feel what it’s like to reach land’.

So we steered towards the tropical island and when we got near the shore we dropped the anchor and tied the sail and I dived into the clear warm water and swam to the shore till I could feel the sand and stood up to walk out onto the beach. I felt on land at last.

I saw a beach shack and place to eat and drink and there was my husband waiting for me, looking healthy. We had this long moment of connection, through the eyes connecting souls and a long hug.

We walked hand in hand to our home on the beach where we spent days, weeks in pure happiness of togetherness , love and connection. Time speeded up. Time had to be given for pleasure joy happiness. Just pleasure and nurturing.

After that, we talked about ‘here we are so blessed, so happy, so nurtured, we have to go and help people to get here, to show how to navigate to find their own heaven and home.’ It was like ‘how many more people are stranded at sea in a rowing boat struggling, can’t get to their destination. Maybe they need a friend to help them, to help them get home, to replenish, so that they can get back to their own mission.

And that was my own journey back home and back to my own mission.

So after this journey there were a couple of things that struck me about it.

Firstly, I rescued myself, because I had learned the knowledge and tools to do so.

In the story the friend came to help me bail out, the friend helped me row the boat, These were acts of love I needed, to be able to rest and recover. But actually, the friend was my own SuperMind (conscious mind working with my energy mind). It was me.
My energy mind was giving me the energy I needed to change my state, to replenish and to then find my new purpose and mission. I rescued myself.

So having quite personal development the night before in a tapping session !! which felt amazing to do, here I am back again ready once again to reach out, to help, to guide, to teach and train others.

Now I have the energy again to listen, to understand your situation and story, to offer my skills and guidance as you journey out of the struggle of life to reach home, back to your authentic self and your own mission.

Now ‘I’m ‘in my beautiful yacht with the wind in my sails’ steering a course to connect with those that could benefit from some help and I have the love once again available to give.

Secondly, I learned something else about the power and energy movements of Love

I came to understand the ‘leave it all up to me, I will do it for you’ as the friend rowed my boat for me, that this was an act of love that was so much needed to let me have the space and freedom to just be, to rest and to replenish to feeling blessed. Only then I was able to ask ‘what am I going to do next with my life?’ I understood the power of offering that to others too that might be in that same moment of need.

So I wrote up this story and am sharing for anyone who feels right now ‘out at sea in their rowing boat with the waves of emotions of life’ or has some other metaphor of life that you would like to change. I am offering my guidance to help you journey back to whatever home and replenishment is for you.

So what exactly is the metaphor of your life today? And what would you like it to be instead? Would you like some help to get there?

And to those who are already assisting others I invite you to learn the navigation skills of SuperMind journeys, These are full 6th sensory, immersive, magical journeys that change the energy body and therefore help us to really heal, evolve, reconnect back into the power of love, our Self and our purpose. SuperMind and other Energy Trainings are the skills to help you rescue yourself…. and help others.

Contact me for sessions and for professional training enquiries. Thank you for reading.

With love and thanks
Sandra Hillawi, International Master Energy Coach and Trainer

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