The Power of Love for Healing

The Power of Love for Healing

I want to write and share a most amazing EMO healing session from this week.

The person, lets call her Susan, was extremely distraught at the impending passing of her Mother. She was in deep crisis about losing her Mum having been in a co-dependent relationship with her Mum (her words). Add to that a difficult marriage, difficult family relations and not having anyone else that she could be devoted to that was devoted to her, Susan was feeling in so much fear, pain, despair and panic. She felt like she was also going to die. She had pain in her chest, tight constriction in her throat, a heavy head and was really feeling terrible.

She came online with me and proceeded to unload all her fears worries anger and love. For about 20 minutes she unloaded all this anger fear and despair. There was nothing I could do but be present in love while she emptied out. She cried, she cursed, she professed her love, and anger at God. I sent her love in this space until she quietened down resigning to the desperation of the situation in tears.

Finally I could ask her, can you accept some help with your energy, to try to create some ease inside that you can function in this incredibly difficult time in your life. She accepted.

I directed her attention into her body. I came to learn of the pain in her chest, the tightness in her throat, the pain in her head, the pain in her stomach that went all the way down to her base. She look so tired, haggard, lines on her face.

We turned our attention to this. I said ‘Is it possible just for a moment to allow yourself to be where you are, in this moment with us, just for the moment. Allow all this that’s going on in your body to be as it is, because it came to be so for some good reason and so allow it. Give it its moment to be. See if you can do that with a quiet relaxed breath?’  She did her best. She tuned her attention inwards.

I said ‘Is it possible to just look, not to try to do anything, just to look at these places in your body, the head, the throat,  the heart, the stomach, where you have pain, just look but with the most gentle attention. Just look with gentleness. ‘ And she did. And after a moment I asked her to explore could she look with compassion as she looked into these places within herself. She nodded and she did that for a few moments. We continued to hold her in a field of love.

Then I said to her ‘these places inside you are receiving this gentle compassionate attention, from you and from us. Can you allow them to actually receive this gentle loving compassion to the places inside you that need it?’ She nodded. She did.

And we just sat with her while she did that, also focused inside her to these places inside her that needed love so much.

And then… magic happened.

As if by magic she looked up and she smiled. She said ‘what did you do, what happened?’

We could see that her face had changed. Her wrinkles had got less, her complexion had softened , she could smile, she could function like something had released and within her.

So I directed her to look ‘was anything else remaining?’ and there was, in her neck, her shoulders and her back. So once again we did the same thing. I asked her could she completely allow the pain to be there as it is, just for the moment, and to bring the most gentle compassionate attention to look there. She did and we held her again in the field of love as she did it.

Then I directed her to realise that these places in her body were receiving compassionate gentle loving attention and to let them receive that energy. So she did.

And we held her in love as she did it.

And I was in awe of the transformation that took place by this, …only the simplest… the power of gentle love focussed to the places where the energetic problem is, in the body. Absolutely miraculous, magical and wonderful. I was in awe.

She laughed, we joked even a bit. She was once more enabled, empowered, functioning again, no pain within her, no great fear panic and crisis. She was no longer thinking ‘am I going to die ?’ she was thinking ‘am I going to plan a centre in my town for EFT and energy work, seeing into the future and then wanting to do something for her Mum. So we took a moment to do something for her Mum before we ended the session.

And really I was amazed. Even I am long term doing this work, long long time, worked with many people. But this was such a crisis, such an extreme situation and this person was in such a difficult moment in themselves in their life and the power of the energy of love directed to the right place, where its needed, makes magic, really makes transformational magic.

And I am feeling blessed and honoured and so grateful that I have the knowledge and the awareness and the skill and the love and the capacity from my own journey, that I knew what was the right thing to do with this person to help her at this time, so she could be there for her Mum in the way that she needed and wanted  to be and cope with this difficult moment of her own life.

I’m so thankful for all my energy healing trainings with The Guild of Energists. I’m so thankful for my own journey, the difficulties of my own journey that forced my own evolution, to be able to be present and do the right thing and know what to do with a person in such a moment.

I thank this person also for the opportunity to serve and to assist at this time.

Love Compassion and Mercy on all of us and thank you for reading and listening.

Sandra Hillawi

p.s. the next day Susan’s Mum passed away in her daughters loving arms.

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