Can You LOSE An Addiction?

Is it possible to LOSE an addiction?

My colleague Dieter shared with me this funny story yesterday…

Well it happened to me… by accident. I have been a smoker for 40 years until recently when I accidentally cured myself while exploring a new energy healing technique with a friend.

Actually, this wasn’t a new technique. I knew of it and heard that it could help people with addictions but I didn’t take it seriously myself.

Then one day I was online with my friend and we just explored playfully this energy healing technique on my smoking addiction, and I did it because I didn’t know what else to try the technique on, so I chose smoking, without any real desire to cure myself. We just did it for fun.

The actual process was quite enjoyable to do, it felt good but little did I realise what had actually happened to me in that session.

So after the session, as it was my usual routine, I had a coffee and made myself a cigarette.

As I started to smoke it, it felt so awful that I felt like choking. It felt toxic and I had to wait until this toxic effect ended. I couldn’t end it by smoking more, it felt like I would die from smoking.

I was confused. I didn’t actually want this to work, to actually cure my addiction….I didn’t want that at all. But… that’s exactly what happened. I realised I had locked myself out of my own addiction and I was rather pissed off!

That was my last cigarette 8 months ago! I had become a non-smoker.

I knew I could not smoke anymore and that path of being a smoker had ended.

After a while of being a non smoker I began to wonder if this new method, that I accidentally cured myself with, could work for others. I wondered how others would respond to the same new technique, let’s call it TGST for now.

I am now very interested to see if TGST would work with others, especially since I have a background, as a Doctor, of working with addictive people and hard drug addictions in the past.

I know from experience just how much people struggle with their addictions and how it can become who they are.

So since playing with TGST caused me to lose my smoking addiction so easily and un-voluntarily, as a side effect,  I am now curious about how this approach would work with other people with addictions and addictive behaviour patterns.

So I am inviting a few people  to contact me, to have a conversation to find out whether it would be interesting and promising to work with TGST.

It might sound crazy but I’d want to make sure the people I worked with wouldn’t get pissed off by losing their addiction by this new technique. I don’t need any new enemies!

So if you have a sense of humour as well as an addiction that you are curious to explore, and you wouldn’t mind too much if you lost it, then it could be promising for us to have a conversation and I’d like to hear from you. The first conversation is free.

Dieter Maas


Photo by Katerina Kerdi on Unsplash

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