MEH Modern Energy Healer

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with Sandra Hillawi

This beautiful energy healing training course is now available as a Distance Learning course with Sandra Hillawi. Meaning you can take this course on your own time and from anywhere in the world!

Learn the art of energy healing and the many ways we can touch and heal the energy body with our hands. Unlike other channelled energy healing, in Modern Energy Healing we recognise the unique gift of love that we each have in our hearts to offer and we teach how to transfer this energy of love through touch.

Just receiving the energy of love …

In a Modern Energy Healing session the subject is allowed to be completely passive and in receive mode. This compares to other GoE courses where the client is actively engaged in the healing process with the practitioner.

Target to specific energy blockages …

Targeted at specific injuries and blockages in the energy body, the Energy Healer uses The Gentle Touch, The Beautiful Touch and The Royal Touch to add energy and restore and improve energy flow. In this session the client is passive and simply receives, a beautiful and nurturing experience of the energy of love flowing into and through the energy body to re-energise and renew. After understanding the finer dynamics of working with energy we go on and mapping complex relationship onto objects, practice distant healing and finish with touching and feeding the soul energy system.
Profound and beautiful.

Learn at your own pace …

This course explores a new format suitable for distance learning with recorded tutorials and demonstrations of healing in video format for each of the 8 modules and the participants receive the videos weekly, with time to practice on friends and family and share feedback with me by either a live zoom session or via email write ups at their own pace.
The course leads to certification as a Modern Energy Healer with The GoE with 1 year standard membership or 6 months professional membership, for existing Professional.

There are no pre-requisites to join this course. Anyone can join and learn to empower their healing hands of love.

Course Feedback …

“I’ve really been enjoying your videos – they really bring everything alive and I love the energy of them and as always enjoying the simplicity of Silvia’s manual. Even when I watch you on video I can feel your energy touch as if I were there, so I definitely know there is no distance for love to travel. Thank you Sandra for these precious gifts, look forward to the next chapters” x JWhite UK

“Wow what a course, I was at a bump in the road , and I heard about the energy healing course, I was not disappointed. It was a wake-up call, like an update healing software package lol with a few home truths and plenty of exercises.
It left me feeling like I had been updated energetically, I recommend this course with Sandra, who is very understanding and an excellent practitioner. This course is dynamite! Cheers again. Brilliant! ” P.Smith UK

“It was a nice change of pace to not just follow the set hand positions taught in Reiki, and to just trust the process of following the client’s direction of where the hands need to go. The shift in energy was easier and more direct and the session was much quicker as a result. My partner noted and loved being more involved and having a say in the direction of the session. We noted that the healing felt more targeted and therefore more comforting and healing in a sense. …

“…. It is always such a pleasure to be taking a course with you Sandra as you bring the course work to life and it feels more like play than learning. This is a course I enjoyed tremendously and will be sure to practice and use the new skills.” C.Jooste South Africa

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