Healing for The Soul

So I sat at last connected with my heart and just watched my breathing and started to feel relaxation and peace at last.

Then I went deeper.

‘Where is my soul?’ I asked myself and I reached deep within to connect there with her.

‘Give me a representation of my soul today’ I asked.

My energy mind responded.

There appeared a soft pink rose, beautiful yet it was solitary and delicate. It had a long thin stem and had lost all its foliage. It was unsteady and easily swayed in the wind and weather. The petals wilted a little at the edges.

‘What does this rose need?’ I asked and before my eyes an invisible force started to work and a restoration began.

The ground started to rise around the stem, bringing support and stability. Water was sprinkled around and the stem started to thicken and leaves started to reappear, vibrant and new, rich and green. The petals slowly lifted up, pert into their perfect form and beauty.

Silent tears rolled down my face as I saw the rose receiving this loving attention it needed so much allowing it to transform before my eyes. The invisible force of love continued to work.

Sparkles appeared around the flower and as if by magic it started to grow, its stem thickening more, new branches appearing, new blossoms emerging, erupting pink fragrant soft beauty into the world.

As the rose transformed into its heavenly fullness deep within my soul was healing, behind my hands my heart in turn was warming, sighing in relief and slowly blossoming once again in itself.

I smiled in love, a new strength again within, the inner framework rebuilt and set my intention to return again soon.

To love my own soul and to be loved by it in return. Heaven.

Sandra Hillawi 9 April 2021

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Published by Sandra

Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites www.mysongsandpoems.wordpress.com is inspired by events and people in my life My new site www.energistpoems.wordpress.com is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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