An Energy Healer in Every Home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone in every family who knows how to bring healing with their hands? to channel the energy of love through the hands to heal the aches and pains of loved ones, family and friends.

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Its such a blessing to the healer too, when seeing someone in pain to have the confidence to place their healing hands in that area, to understand how to use their intention and attention to bring the additional energy needed and to improve the energy flow so that pain and suffering is eased. Its so simple and natural. We all have the ability, we just need to become aware and with a little know how, we all can become healers to help friends and family… and of course ourselves.

For this I developed the Modern Energy Healer course. It was a 2-day training from The Guild of Energists which I have turned into a gentle journey of 8 weeks, with video tutorials, video demonstrations and weekly live zoom calls to share, ask questions and review the week’s experiences.

Whether you are new to Energy Healing and would like to discover and activate your own healing hands to channel love through The Gentle Touch, The Beautiful Touch, The Royal Touch or whether you are an experienced healer who is interested to refresh, learn more or just take a personal healing journey…. then the Modern Energy Healer course offers 8 weeks of connection, love, beauty, healing magic, transformation and a community of like minded souls here to help make their worlds a better place.

Places are limited on each programme to allow one to one tuition as well as group discussion. Check the energy healer course registration page for more details.

Sandra Hillawi, 20 Years International Master Energy Trainer

Published by Sandra

Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites is inspired by events and people in my life My new site is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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