Healing The Roots of Chronic Anxiety

Healing The Roots of Chronic Anxiety A Case Study – shared with permission

I met Marylin (name changed) while training in London. She had a beautiful radiant energy of love but was suffering terribly from anxiety especially at night. It was something she’d suffered on and off through her life but she had masked the effects with light alcohol and choosing to work at night and sleep in the day, trying medication at times, and distracting herself as much as she could.

We met for healing session where I used both EFT/Energy Tapping and EMO to help heal and restore positive emotional flow.At this time she’d changed her life, stopped drinking, stopped night working and was not taking any meds and the anxiety very strong now was effecting her ability to function normally and to work. Two nights earlier she’d had a 6 hour panic attack with feelings like ‘I shouldn’t be here’, ‘I’m the problem’, ‘There’s no help for me’ and she felt the deep fear from her throat through her chest and to a burning in her solar plexus area.

As I was listening I wondered ‘what kind of events must she have experienced to leave her with these kind of emotions?

‘We arranged a time to meet to explore the anxiety to see how we could help release and evolve it. This is how the session went.

After telling me a little about it the client was already anxious so we used EMO to soften and release some of the energy from the throat chest and solar plexus. The chest released, energy flowing up and out, through her arms and hands but still the solar plexus and throat were strong.

A Safe Way to Look At and Heal Painful Memories

Marilyn explained that she felt that this came from her early childhood experiences so I decided to use the aspects model, a safe way to look at an early event that she could remember, without bring up all the old emotions again in the present moment.

In this memory she was about 3-4 years old at home in the afternoon. Her father was angry and drunk making a lot of noise in the house. He smashed the lampshade cutting his hand. There was blood everywhere. Her Mother was frightened was, aged 20 years old, and he’d thrown a glass ashtray which had cut her hand and she was bleeding too.

The clients child aspect was sitting alone screaming with nobody coming to help, terrified of her father, helpless and terrified of her Mum being killed. Her Mum was completely unaware of her distressed child as she was in such distress herself.

I explained the aspects model. That we were sitting here safe here and now and that it was her younger self aged 4 that needed help and that we could together go and help the younger aspect.

Healing The Child Aspect Aged 4

So we tapped for the helplessness, aloneness and terror she was experiencing til we had an ease in the intensity of the emotions. I asked the client how she felt towards her past aspect. She said I feel so sad that she lived through this horror movie.

We tapped to released the sadness.I asked what does your 4 year old aspect need right now?

Marilyn replied: she needs someone to help her feel loved and feel safe.

I asked : who or what can we bring in to help her feel this?

She said : an angel as Mum was unable to help.

So she invited an angel in to sit with her 4 year old aspect, to lift her into her arms and to protect her and let her sit in that love and safety. We tapped as the angel was giving the love and support energy. We also tapped for the aspect receiving the love energy and feeling safe.

Marilyn started to feel peaceful inside for the first time in a long long time. Then she said : the aspect is still feeling fear for her Mum.We explored how the 20 year old aspect of her Mum was feeling and tapped for this fear and helplessness.

Then I asked what her Mum needed. She answered: “to come into the wings of the angel with me”.

We tapped while she watched her Mum receive the safety and comfort of this love.

I asked : “now Mum is feeling safe and loved, what happens next?” ‘She kisses me’ answered Marilyn and with that she felt emotional and tears started to flow.

I tapped on Marilyn as she received this kiss and love from her Mum. She went on to say ‘I really miss my Mum, not just then but all my life. She was never able to give me that love and support’.

I replied: ‘ So stay now with your Mum and let your 4 year old aspect receive the love well now she is able to give it to the aspect.’ I tapped on Marilyn (this was in the days of visiting in person clients) as she received love from her Mum and let her stay in that space until she felt deeply relaxed and nourished.

We concluded this session with a discussion of how she was feeling and a way forward from here. I explained that history was unchanged but we had changed her energy data banks so that she felt different about the event. Marilyn said she felt no anxiety at all and nothing in her throat chest or solar plexus for the first time in a long time.

Knowing that there were plenty of future events ahead for the 4 year old aspect we discussed how Marilyn could start to give some attention to other aspects that needed rescuing and also look at her relationship with her past aspects and tap until she felt love for them all.

Marilyn was very happy with this session which made a profound shift and change for her. It was a beautiful healing session for both me as the practitioner and my client and when I followed up in a few days we were both delighted that she was still feeling relaxed and deeply grateful. Marilyn now has a way forward with real hope for healing and freedom.

EMO, Modern Energy Tapping and SuperMind are like superpowers, giving practitioners the knowledge, skills and power to help clients evolve.

Sandra Hillawi

International Master Energy Trainer

For private consultations and Training for self help and professionals in EMO Energy in Motion, Modern Energy Tapping and SuperMind


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