Easing The Pain of Loss with EMO Energy In Motion

Easing the pain of loss with EMO …. a healing conversation by phone

One of my past clients emailed me to say her husband had died last week after a rapid decline in health from cancer which had metastasized. She had just returned from the cremation when she emailed me, still in shock and now had to face the dealing with all his affairs, finances, organising when all she really wanted to do was have time to grieve.

I phoned her to see how she was doing and to offer my assistance to help her release or process all that was happening.

She was in pain. Her heart was hurting, and her throat blocked with emotion. I asked if she would accept some help from me to ease the pressure and help her relax. She accepted.

I asked her to pay attention to the pain in her heart and pressure in the throat, to allow it for a moment and to think ‘all this energy is softening and flowing’, to simply breathe and allow it to soften and release.

EMO is a simple natural technique that recognises the physical feelings we have in the body accompany our emotions are actually the blocked energy that is causing our emotion. The energy of life that we haven’t been able to fully accept, digest, or let go of. By simply paying attention to our body’s language and using our intention, we can gently soften and release the blockages, transform our painful emotions restoring flow and ease within.

The energy moved up into her head. We focussed there, softened some more, the pressure lightened. Then I asked her to come back to accepting what had happened, his sudden death. Some more pain in the heart and throat, we softened and flowed, the energy went up and out. She became more relaxed and then she just talked, feeling so much more calm and peaceful.

Even though there is so much to process in a time of great personal loss, I am personally thankful that we have EMO to help people coping with loss and bereavement. EMO allowed me to be able to make a real difference to someone in their time of need.

We can all be a friend and listen to someone when they need to talk to get things off their chest. That’s how some forms of counselling work. You talk, they listen. But not everyone can talk and sometimes talking isn’t enough to release all the emotional pressure or pain. And not everyone has the capacity of patience and love to listen as much as we need.

Releasing our painful emotions has never been more easy.

EMO is such a simple and natural and gentle way to help us release the pains and pressures not only of loss but of life in general. It helps us accept more easily, digest and make sense of life, and it helps us let go, bring new resources, strength and wisdom to handle and respond to life better, even when there may still be is still so much to deal with, as in times of bereavement.

My love and prayers go to my client that she can accept all help and support that is coming her way and that she finds her inner strength to be able to face and deal with all that she still has ahead.

We can also learn and use EMO to help ourselves, by just having a little more awareness of what’s going on in our body when life is hard or hurting, and gently assisting that energy to soften and for the energies of life to flow once again.

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