Is Surrender More Powerful Than Letting Go?

Is Surrender More Powerful than Letting Go?

In my own personal explorations on my healing and evolution journey I have discovered that Surrender is more powerful than Letting Go, not only in the healing process but for spiritual evolution.

As a channel for handling the energies of life, energies often gets stuck within us, giving rise to our stress emotions, life of suffering, pain, struggle and our conditioning. When we come to the moment to explore releasing the things we are still holding within, letting go is a natural step.  The movement of energy out of our channel releases us from the pain of the past, what hurt us, our guilt, the pain of what’s missing, our attachments, our repeat patterns.

Letting go is a healthy movement of energy. The energy and events of our life are finally  allowed to continue the journey on through our channel and out.  The energies of life at last being allowed to flow, to release as we let them go and restore inner flow and alignment with who we are.

But release into what?

For many years I just ‘let go’. I let energy flow and release from my body. I practiced the movement of life energies ‘in through and out’ as EMO Energy In Motion taught me. I didn’t care or think about what I was releasing into. ‘Its the infinite ocean of energy’ someone said. ‘It doesn’t matter, it can take it all, so we don’t need to worry about that.’ So for many years this is the way I let go, to set myself free of what I had been carrying.

However, over the years my awareness of That which we are all part of, That which we are all in, That which surrounds us, buoys us, supports us, That which provides, That which is in us, that we are a part of. Yes I came to give more attention to the very Infinite Oceans of Energy I was just ‘letting go’ into.

As I gave more attention to this growing relationship I came to experience That as the Source of Love, and without human limitations, the Source of Unconditional Love.

Let’s consider how Love behaves

As a human, if I see someone I love suffering, my love and compassion wants to help them alleviate their suffering. I will gladly take on board what they are carrying, if I have the capacity, to handle it myself and let them be light and free AND rejoice in the new freedom and lightness arising in the one I love, the beloved. But I cannot take the burden from them. They have to hand it to me willingly, to give it over, to surrender it to me.

So the greater Unconditional Love that we are all in, part of, connected to, whether we are conscious of that or not, sits there just waiting with infinite capacity to take from us what we are ready to hand over.

Surrender is the movement of handing what we carry over into the relationship of Love.

Why is Surrender More Powerful Than Letting go?

In surrendering we are consciously participating in a relationship of Love. We handover what we are carrying into that relationship of Love. In this way, not only are we lighter and more free, but, we also are participating in the act of Love of the Receiver. In so doing, we are receiving unconditional Love from the Receiver.

Letting go is unconscious of the Receiver, non personal.

Surrender is conscious of the Receiver and very personal. The one who surrenders also receiving the Love of The Receiver in this act, which continues to shine onto them.

Surrender is therefore an evolution step to deepen our relationship with The Receiver, The Ocean of Love, that we are all in.

Movement into Thankfulness

As with anything that we receive, what follows is the natural wave and movement of Thankfulness. We can feel this movement through our channel. When we say and feel Thankful to The Receiver for taking our burdens and setting us free, for the Love that we received in this movement, this is a further step to deepen our relationship with our Divine Source.

Movement into Worship

As with any human relationship, the more we receive from a person the more we come to appreciate the person, the source of our feeling good, the giver of those gifts. We love the one who is ‘making us feel so good’, bringing us to feel the movement of love within ourselves.  

And so with the Source of our Being. The more we receive this Unconditional Love and ‘feel’ it with us, the more we are set free, the more we are supported and nourished by this Love, the more thankful we become and this in turn evolves into appreciation, love and adoration of The Source of all this goodness.

Worship and praise of The Source of Our Being, The Source of Unconditional Love,  is therefore another state of being, a real state of feeling, beyond thankfulness, as we marvel at all that we received and how great is The One, this Love that is acting for us in our lives.

Oneness with The Beloved

That which we are part of, that sustains and supports us, we come to love, to adore, to praise, to worship, in turn becomes The Beloved for us. Our love deepens. We grow in Oneness in Love with The Beloved.

So this is why Surrender is more powerful than simply Letting Go.

Surrender is a step on the journey to grow and deepen the relationship of Love with the Divine Source of Our Being.

And all that which we were holding before, our suffering, that which was calling for the attention of Love to shine there, was a catalyst for us to take a step forwards into our relationship with Love.

If you are moved to explore Letting Go or Surrender as part of your own healing and evolution journey, or you are interested in EMO Energy In Motion Training personally or professionally, do contact me for a chat about your next evolution step.

Sandra Hillawi

16th January 2021

Published by Sandra

Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites is inspired by events and people in my life My new site is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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