Teenage Body Confidence and Golf Performance

Teenage Body Confidence and Sports Performance

What a pleasure to write up this story about an amazing teenager I had the pleasure to work with.

This lovely girl was having anxiety about her clothes, being at the pool, comparing herself to others, feeling fat and not liking her body in the mirror. There was a recent incident at school related to this which was also upsetting her. She also had a general pattern of worry and anxiety effecting lots of other situations in her life. We used EMO Energy in Motion to help her transform her stress emotions. This is how the sessions went.

Session 1

I asked her what her aims would be from working together. She said “to be more confident in general and especially about her body”

So we started with the recent event at school. How did she feel remembering this and where was the feeling in the body? The feeling was anxiety in the stomach and we allowed it, we softened it, and the energy flowed down through her legs and out transforming into feeling stronger.

With a bit of testing we cleared the rest of that emotional response so she now felt like it didn’t bother her at all.

Next I asked how she felt about her body herself. The self conscious judgement feelings were again in the stomach. We allowed the energy to soften and flow and soon this amazing girl was feeling much better, stronger and actually feeling confidence.

I enquired about the general anxiety and any events that she can recall that could be behind that. There was a break-in when she was 2 years old, so we turned in to her younger self and the feelings that she might have been experiencing at that time. Anxiety and fear. @Where do you feel your younger self’s anxiety in your body now? ‘ I asked.

In my stomach she said. So we softened and flowed. Then I asked ‘What do you think would help the young you to feel more safe? She said to be held and loved. So I directed her to do that with her young 2 year old self.

It was a joy to see the biggest smile appear on my clients face.

So we concluded the session with so much more self confidence. She was radiant and happy.

Session 2 

I was keen to hear how the week at school was after our last session. I was not disappointed. My client said ‘It was weird.’ She said. ‘I was not shut down. Comments didn’t get to me personally anymore. I used to be quiet in the corner, shy about my body image. Now I feel I came out of myself and am happy and confident. It’s weird but its good’ She laughed. It was a very confident week!

I asked was there anything or any time that she still had some issues about body confidence? ‘Yes, when in the gym comparing herself to the more athletic girls. She felt a little jealous.

So again, we located the jealousy feelings in the body, allowed them to soften and flow transforming her into confidence and now feeling one of them, and no longer separate from the others.

We had 15 minutes left so I said ‘I’m your fairy Godmother now, if there is anything that you would like to feel even better about what would that be?’ She was in a golf tournament the next Monday and was a bit nervous in her stomach. So we softened and flowed.

She felt more confident, smiling, nerves being transformed to excitement and feeling proud to represent her team in the tournament. ‘What would be a great result for you on Monday? ‘ I asked. ‘To finish 2 under my handicap.’ So I directed her to see herself on the 18th hole having achieved that, how does her future self feel, what does she look like? ‘She standing tall and absolutely beaming and feeling so happy and proud’ she said.

‘Now where do you feel those feelings of your future self in your body now?’ ‘In my heart’ she replied. So we softened flowed and let those happy proud feelings grow and flow through the body and out. She felt amazing strong happy and confident. We reached her +10 !

It was such a delightful session seeing this young teenager absolutely shining, radiant, confident, strong and happy.

p.s. I just learned my fabulous teenager didn’t finish 2 under her handicap! She finished 3 under !!! How awesome is she ?!!

And this is how easy it can be to create positive change with EMO Energy in Motion.

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Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

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