Whining Kids! From Stressed Mum to Loving Mum

Last night I had the pleasure to facilitate a heart warming transformation, shared here with permission.

This young Mum, Carolina Aragon, a Doctor in Alternative Medicine in Hurghada, was struggling to control her response to her 4 year old’s complaining and tantrums. Even dealing with energy healing everyday she was still grateful for some support an guidance to create the change she wanted.

Though she didn’t want to react in frustration and impatience, shouting at her 4 year old Carolina couldn’t help it when her child was behaving this way, it was pressing her buttons.

Growing More Calm

I asked her ‘where do you feel your frustration in your body when she is whining and complaining?’ ‘In my throat and upper chest’ she said. I guided her to allow that energy to soften and flow. It flowed up into her head and face and released. The Mum felt calmer.

We tested her again. She still had some stress emotions in her back. Again we softened and flowed this energy, this time it flowed down through her arms, was a bit heavy in her hands. We softened this until it released from her hands. Now the Mum felt much calmer in front of her child’s whining and complaining.

Growing Compassion

‘Ok now you are not affected and can handle it, lets look at what’s going on with your child when she is behaving like this. What do you think she’s actually feeling at this time?’ I asked.

‘She’s probably feeling a bit desperate and wanting attention’ the Mum said. ‘Ok, where do you feel your child’s desperation in your body?’ ‘I feel that all in my sacral area’ said Carolina. So I guided her with EMO to soften and flow this energy. She stood up to move freely as the energy flowed down her legs and out through the feet.

Growing in Mastery and Love

‘Now I feel really calm, like a +7, I can handle it now’. I asked what would it mean to be a +10 in this situation?’. Carolina replied ‘wow that would be mastery, emotional mastery’. So I said ok see your daughter doing the worst whining that she could possibly do now and really welcome that energy, invite it in, feel where you feel it, and allow it to soften and flow. See if the energy can flow faster’. And that’s what she did. After powerfully handling the energy of her 4 year old’s emotional state she now felt +10. Her +10 was only love and compassion and the desire to pick her up with love and tenderness and ask her what she needed.

Reflections on Motherhood

We reflected on Motherhood and the time spent in joy versus the time spent in frustration and stress and what diet of emotions she was projecting onto the child. There was a little guilt in the heart to soften and flow to forgive herself. We discussed how she could repair the little heart breaks that her 4 year old may have sustained in those moments when she was the ‘stressed mum’ as opposed to the ‘loving Mum’ and the benefits of being able to be ‘loving Mum’ even when her daughter was angry herself and what that would teach her daughter about being lovable even when she is angry.

Dr Carolina was delighted with her own transformation and her new skills and direction for her relationship with her daughter. It was a blessing and gift to me to facilitate this in our session.

Emotional Destiny

A friend who was present to witness this transformation said he felt sad. He said he had four sisters and they all had grown up angry and resentful of their Mum from their childhood experiences. Though their Mum loved her children, she had so much stress and responsibility of work that she was absent a lot and too tired to meet her children’s emotional needs. The sisters grew up angry and hardened to life.

At least this 4 year old had a different destiny because her Mum was ready to learn how to release her stress and be the loving joyful parent.

As for the sisters, there is a way for healing and a return to love for them too, if they are ready to learn self love and transform their painful emotions.

EMO Energy in Motion to transform emotional energy from blocked into flow is a gift for life. As we evolve ourselves we change the world around us.

Your Next Step …

Want to change your own patterns? If you have behaviour patterns that you would like to change yourself and would like some help to do that then book some sessions with me.

Learn to help yourself and your family? If you would just like to learn more about Energy Healing for yourself friends and family consider the Community Energy Healer course.

Professional Training? If you are a healer or practitioner wishing to improve your facilitation skills to help your clients with their own emotional journey, or would like to become one, then think about becoming an EMO Master Practitioner, an Energy and Emotions Master. My next training is in April.

Sandra Hillawi’s Training diary is at sandrahillawi.goe.ac


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