How To Get More Shiny

Activate Your Star Events Matrix

How are you and how is 2023 going so far?
Are you up for an adventure? One which risks shining up your life dramatically!!!   

I invite you on a new journey to discover the treasures of your own life, to activate your Star Matrix … and discover a new more shiny you!

Your star memories are a source of untapped energy and power.

Whilst you may be able to recall a handful of highlight memories when asked… with a deliberate journey you may be astonished at just how many star events you have actually experienced. 

We Are More Than We Think We Are
Activating these memories, connecting them up, bringing them into consciousness has a surprising benefit of building a new self concept, changing the way we think of ourselves, allowing us to embody more of who we really are. 

It also changes how you view our life so far. If you have had a lot of stress and trauma this is especially valuable to tip the balance and lead us into thankfulness. It also re-activates our natural talents and superpowers so we can access them on tap!  

Re-Train Your Mind to The Positive  
In such a journey to access our past star memories we also re-train our mind to focus on more positive aspects of life and to tap into this high positive energy with its richness whenever we need. 

Your Book of Stars is a Treasure Chest and Legacy 
This journey helps you discover your very own Star Events Matrix and on the way you will begin and build your own Book of Stars. As you activate and make conscious your Star Events you log them steadily in your Book of Stars. This builds into a unique precious energy object, keys to the treasures of your life, to become a new resource for you as it grows from 10 entries, to 50, to 100, to 500, to 1000 plus star memories and beyond over time… a legacy in its own right. 

Help Others Feel Great Conversationally 
On your journey you will gain skills to help others raise energy easily and effortlessly, to bring lightness and brightness into people’s lives just through conversation. A great gift in itself. You will be shocked, surprised and delighted at the gifts waiting for you as you direct your attention to access positive memories as opposed to the stress memories of your life. 

Sounds Like A Great Adventure …When Do We Start? 
I am gathering a group right now and there are a few places remaining. If you would like to begin activating and connecting up your own Star Matrix then join us this month starting in 2 weeks on 22nd February for six weeks.
Begin a very happy adventure to uncover the personal treasures of your own life and feel yourself get brighter and happier with every step. 

More About The Star Matrix Master Journey Here and Course Feedback 

Places are limited to keep the group bubble personal and connected so I only have room for 2 or 3 more to join us. For those who have already taken Star Matrix Master … take another tour to dig up yet more hidden diamonds from your own energy fields and extend your Book of Stars. River rates available. Contact me for details.

Yes!! Count Me In… How Do I Register? 
Enroll with a single payment or Enroll with 2 installments  

Looking forward to my own journey of treasure hunting while I guide you on yours.

Here’s to a shinier happier brighter you in 2023! 

With love and thanks 
Sandra Hillawi

Published by Sandra

Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites is inspired by events and people in my life My new site is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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