Diary of a Modern Energy Healer

One students journey through the Modern Energy Healer Distance Learning Course in 2022, with their kind permission to share for your inspiration.

Module 1 Your Extraordinary Energy Body

Hello Sandra and a big thank you for offering this wonderful Modern Energy Healing Course.

The Heart Position

I am very familiar with the Heart Position and utilise it daily in setting Intentions/Blessings/Appreciates etc. It really is now an extension of myself and I wouldn’t leave home without it 

The Energy Tapping Exercise ‘I am the healer’

Prior to doing tapping I was in resistance. I could feel tension in my stomach and the added ‘The’ as opposed to ‘I Am’ created my reluctance.

I began my first round of tapping at -2 and only felt a slight change when completed. 

I moved onto my second round relatively numb at around 0 and gained slight improvement upon completion at +1.

After 5 rounds the breathing was easier and more natural, the tension had gone replaced by smiling and laughter and my words flowed with ease and confidence. A definite 8+ had been achieved 

I have been tapping each day a few rounds, the ‘healer’ statement and it is my intention to maintain this for the duration of the course, to keep the energetic pathways open and flowing to maximise the potential healing effect when I practice and feel/witness the results.

It’s very exciting…

Module 2 The Gentle Touch

Well onward with the modern energy healer course and more fun with module 2.

The Energy Touch.

This simple little exercise I enjoyed experimenting  upon myself with some wonderful energetic results. After only a few attempts I began to feel my Energy Body with tingles as well as movements, definitely shifts occurring, some slight as well distinct. 

Utilising the Energy Touch into another Energy Body was a delight. Its seemed so natural as well as the obvious thing to do. Again my finger touch felt the distinct sensations from the gentle probing into another person’s Energy system.

The Gentle Touch.

I enjoyed doing this. Again, the simplicity of this gentle hand action with natural Intent, gave me a positive feedback as the results showed a definite Energetic Flow from myself to the recipient. I had relative success with my wife, moving her ‘blocked energetic flow’ up the energy chart into the positives. Those that I practiced upon, all stated that they felt better and more energised after establishing a degree of even flow from a stagnant negative blockage. I was encouraged by the results of my practice.

Thank you Sandra 

Module 3 Giving and Receiving

Module 3 was the best so far in terms of actual experience of energy movements and emotions.

Heart positioning and raising energy is always a delight and becoming so easy to do. 

Having raised my energy and released my ‘Gift to the World’ it felt so natural and connecting. I did this exercise several times and my emotional feedback was very empowering and a mixture of ‘I mattered’ as part of the world and the world ‘Appreciated’ the gift I gave. It was a very energetic high experience.

Now feeling the release of the gift was subtle with no overall distinct ‘Its gone’ reference point. Having practiced over several days giving many varied ‘Gifts’ I would agree with the group and conclude at this point, simply with a ‘Sense of Knowing’ upon its departure.

I am an avid Earther and practice daily ‘barefoot’ walking in our beautiful garden. And It was with great delight I energetically ‘Exchanged’ with our natural earth inhabitants.

Nature Energies

By prolonged focusing my Attention upon our beautiful Willow tree, I asked ‘Where do I feel you in my body’

I was instantly rewarded with beautiful sensations around my heart   followed by permutations of feelings around my body, that I simply cannot translate. It was an amazing experience. I was humbled and honoured by our exchange.

I continued to exchange throughout my garden with Apple Tree energy, again a beautiful resonance felt within my heart. A big Red Robin Bush and various other unnamed plant species. I continued feeling differing sensations and movements throughout my energy body. It was just a wonderful energy appreciation and love exchange between myself and nature in the garden.

Now did I learn anything new from the information of our exchange? I was receiving words/information usually by the medium of ‘feeling’. However my mind was sabotaging/questioning the energetic flow/exchange which of course interfered with the overall process. I focused with Intent but I can’t be sure how much genuine information I received free from mental contamination! This is certainly needs more practice.

People Energies

I practiced ‘People Energy’ but again my success was limited. I felt  sensations and energy movements upon my 3 friends but it was slight and I struggled to maintain a connection. I feel I must work upon undiscovered ‘Shields’ that appeared to hinder my success in this exercise. Again practice makes perfect.

A most enjoyable Module Sandra

Module 4 The Beautiful Touch

Beauty T has always intrigued me since I purchased the book many years back. I’ve read it a couple of times but never really got it! So I was excited it was part of this beautiful energy healer course.

Having embraced that results were successfully experienced by being dutifully Attentive with a loving Intention, I raised my energy for the first exercise of BeautyT upon my arms.

It was a pleasant experience a sense of stroking the energy slowly from top to hands. I definitely ‘felt’ a shift around my left wrist as I worked my direction towards the hands.

Repeating this exercise upon 3 ladies I had mixed reactions, ranging from yes that was enjoyable to difficulty in feeling anything…

Body Dysmorphia

Moving onto the body dysmorphia exercise, my 3 ladies participants revealed their body parts they would certainly like to change and alter…

After time spent working BeautyT energetic magic upon these forbidden areas, all softened their disrespecting language and too my surprise each showed a change of attitude and a definite greater affinity towards these unloved parts. Their change of heart over the time spent by my BeautyT treatment was amazing to witness, a true transformation was in progress!

I then gave them a full body BeautyT, sweeping their energy body from the head to their toes informing each part it was beautiful, perfect and beloved.

They all loved it making them feel very relaxed. I confess I really enjoyed giving BeautyT and feeling a wonderful energetic feedback from the experience. I believe I finally ‘got’ it 

However the greatest experience was upon myself using the gentle touch on the 1st Channel exercise.

Requesting a past sexual experience from my energy mind I was dutifully rewarded with a deep dense and forgotten traumatic event. 

Slowly moving my hand up the ‘Channel’ I reached my throat. When an avalanche of information revealed to me a tremendous felt ‘sense of understanding’ followed by forgiveness and tears…

A truly transformational release. Totally awesome and beautiful at the same time.

Module 5 The Royal Touch

Beginning with the creative template exercise its possibilities are awesome. To be able to access energetic information directly from another’s template for beneficial purposes is indeed a mental paradigm shift of epic proportions! However to be able to receive and feel such privileged ‘knowing’ requires one’s own filters/shields to be transformed…

I attempted the ‘creative template’ exercise several times with different people and would say I had minor success. My feedback was definitely inhibited by my mind. However it still remains an exciting prospect. One indeed ‘m going to pursue 

Assisting the progress of the ‘creative template’ with an energetic gift is such a loving touch to do. My energy mind provided appropriate ‘gifts’ to those that I was working with. Each appeared substantial well formed and coloured. l felt ‘heart’ feelings on each occasion as I released my energetic designated ‘gift’ to the appropriate person…

Thank you Sandra for you video demonstration of raising the ‘Royal’ energy.

I put into practice what you showed me and played around with my First channel energy to experience movements up towards my head stimulating my ‘Crown of Lights.

It was interesting to feel various differing movements and sensations of energy as well as possible shifts! I added and experimented with numerous ‘Words of Power’ and it was delightful and at times insightful from the ‘energy body’ feedback. But I’m not at all sure if I had actually invoked the ‘Royal’ energy as I didn’t feel like King Robert 

However I did try to invoke and demonstrate this Royal power on a few close friends, each saying it was a pleasant experience and they felt a difference afterwards. I felt my lack of  confidence possibility interfered with proceedings…definitely a work in progress!

Imprinting water with positive Intention is something I already practice (including food) and always tastes more refreshing and lighter with a word of appreciation added to it   

Again many thanks Sandra I’m really enjoying this energy healer course.

Module 6 Healing The Past

This week I was in Glastonbury, my old town, so in-between working and visiting family I took the opportunity to practice on some friends my newly acquired energy healing techniques.

I was fortunate managing to experiment energetically with 5 willing people who wanted to experience and be introduced to energy healing. It was fab 

I began always with the ‘Energy Touch’ into various locations of their Energy Body. Having experiencing differing ‘sensations’ with different people and then applying the ‘Gentle Touch’ again feeling the energy of my ‘Energy Hands’ with favourable responses from my recipients. The Energy exchange by me raising my energy from a loving intent certainly was relaxing and enjoyable for both of us.

The ‘Royal Touch’ and moving the energy up their first channel, was very profound for myself it appeared the moving on its own! And they all felt this wave of movement. Applying certain ‘words of power’ to people initiating energetic change through feeling better and less stressed, is I believe a wonderful way to help someone, getting them energy high quickly. I felt my attempts had relative success.

I also introduced and practiced the BeautyT technique. The ladies liked this one. Moving the stuck energy over bodily parts that had been rejected or loathed for years did have an impact. Simply stroking and caressing the energy and informing them that they are ‘Beautiful, Perfect and Beloved’ is a delivery of perfect Love. How can you not respond from the Beautiful Touch? I was certainly participating in the exchange and testament to its beauty and power 2 people began crying. I was indeed humbled by the experience of BeautyT.

I left the ‘Healing of the Past’ purposely to last in order to build up a trust and allow the recipients to gain some experience of energy fun and movements.

The delights of this type of healing certainly favours any client as they don’t have to speak about their past hurt and replay their story of suffering. With my 5 ‘clients’ each received energetic benefits from following the simple protocol of where do you ‘feel’ this in your body’?

The male friend revealed mental abuse from his father in his throat and we worked together to alleviate a large percentage of this past suffering. His stomach required my Healing Hands when I ask him any other areas.

My lady friend too had stomach tension we both worked upon due to a troublesome work colleague. We managed to de-stress the area and work further with some success concerning her anxiety issues.

The ‘Healing the Past’ is totally awesome with possibilities and I felt I energetically helped all of my 5 friends to some degree.

 However I was aware Sandra that maybe as the session progressed I should of kept attempting to ‘Raise my Energy’ to keep the momentum flowing better. I felt I should be doing more during these ‘stuck’ periods or long pauses of no communication or positive action. Any suggestions/advice please.

Many thanks as always for your wonderful energy healing course  

Module 7 Energy Constellations

Well I thought this beautiful hands on healing course couldn’t get even better, but the energetic content within this module is absolutely brilliant with practical authentic feedback demonstrating the beauty and simplicity of working with energy.

I enjoyed doing the ‘ Energy Entity’ experience and practiced this many times and certainly will continue to do so. 

Among my personal demonstrations was a spider phobia, locating within my field very close to the left side of my face. It was big, black and very imposing. My heart rate began to race and this grown man was genuinely scared! I even considered the option to abandoning healing this fear of spiders! 

Placing my hands on my heart,  I began to breathe and raise energy. Where could I feel it in my body? No problem attached on my throat  With a little apprehension I reached out into my field and began to apply my ‘Love’ energy. And to my utter astonishment as quick as a flash it was gone! I mean not getting smaller or dwindling before my very eyes…boom GONE! I know energy can move quickly in a flash but WOW I was impressed. 

Scanning my field and throat, absolutely no sign of that spider and it still remains that way as I write this up 2 days later. What a wonderful powerful experience…

Working with the energy constellations with the various combinations utilising ‘gift’ stones from Gaia has been and remains a very humbling experience. To acquire that ‘Sense that of Knowing’ from the consequence of simple mapping by energetic representation opens up a Pandora box of endless possibilities. This is very exciting and my own experiences and personal feedback on doing various healing constellations for myself, friends and family members proved this. If those stones don’t won’t to move you can’t force them!! 

I mapped a conflicting mother and son with their respective ‘stones’ being a fair distance apart. Doing the heart raising love energy and applying appropriate ‘Healing’ I found the beautiful effect moved the son closer. I decided to focus solely on the mother and applied my healing hands appropriately. This again, moved only the son in the direction of his mother and no apparent movement was forthcoming from the mother towards her son. The dynamics of this constellation also impacted my energy body as the participating observer I acquired ‘information’ about the mum’s resistance towards her boy. 

What a easy and enjoyable way to implement healing using the ‘constellation’ as a natural tool for improvement in all areas of your life. It’s so simple a child could do this. I certainly will be utilising this energetic beautiful powerful technique again.

The Love Stone

Moving onto the Love Stone experience. This is certainly an ongoing exercise in learning to focus effortlessly, training your Attention again to be naturally curious and maintain interest in your observation. I am getting better and certainly improving in my experiencing exchanges with stones, crystals, plants etc. I’ve yet to have a full blown exchange with an live energetic entity but I’m progressing and jealous of your beach stone experience   

I also wish to add…thank you Sandra for your very personal video demonstrating the constellation sending healing to your beloved husband. It was very emotional and couldn’t of been easy for you. Watching you in your  power as a healer and vulnerability as a wife really touched me and added the dimension of authenticity to your teaching and I thank you for that 

Module 8 The Soul

Well sadly this is the last and final written module   however that doesn’t deflect from the enjoyable experience it produced.

Where is the Soul… appearing to be as mystifying as the holy grail and the endless quest for the chalice!

Esoteric traditions all seeking proof of its existence and its location. 

Although it is never found, we innately accept we have one 

I like and resonate with Silvia Hartmann’s totality model, that each energetic system is part of the whole and the Soul is within that system.

With excitement I followed the simple protocol.

Heart positioning and raised energy.

Slow relaxed breaths and began to scan my field. 

It was almost instantaneous (seriously no effort was required)

I sensed a ‘light’ to my right very near my temple.

I opened my eyes and went into resistance mode!!!

Had I pre-programmed this? Was I shocked by the simplicity?

I must confess Sandra my mind did go into overdrive with questions…

So again I followed the simple energy procedure began to relax and closed my eyes. 

It was still very resident in my field at the same location. Somehow it seemed brighter then before and put my full Attention on it. 

Strangely and not surprisingly it began to expand. It began to radiate and I seriously felt a warming heat on the side of my face. 

Translating the experience is difficult but it appeared I was being consumed by this light. But the feelings of peace and relaxation was absolutely wonderful total absorbing. I let go and just immersed myself in this amazing experience and it was absolutely Magic…

I totally forgot to place my energy hands within my ‘Soul’ as I was too involved in the experience. I am definitely going to play with this energy Soul experience again and again…its so exciting and what sort of insightful information can this beautiful connection impart?

I had 2 eager separate volunteers to experiment with, on this energetic exercise. Giving them no pre-information leading to possible expectations I slowly talked them through the simple procedure.

Sadly and a little disappointed neither of them could comfortably grasp ‘sensing’ and the concept of possibility of soul contact. Need to find more volunteers 

So the final module is completed and our time sadly comes to an end. It’s been a fantastic 8 weeks Sandra lots of fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course. You’re a great teacher and I’ve have had some amazing insights with heightened awareness. Thank you again  xxx

Enroll here for the Modern Energy Healer and start your own journey today of love and healing for yourself and those around you with Sandra Hillawi, 20 Years Modern Energy Trainer.

Course accredited by The Guild of Energists.

Module images with thanks and credit to The Guild of Energists www.GoE.ac

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2 thoughts on “Diary of a Modern Energy Healer

  1. Dear Sandra, please pass on my best wishes to your student and my gratitude for sharing their experiences. The idea behind particularly this course is to offer the students a variety of exercises, to help them find that which they are most naturally attracted to and most fascinated by, while at the same time expanding their personal experience with many different Modern Energy techniques. I am particularly delighted your student enjoyed BeautyT and saw the endless possibilities in Energy Constellations, these are two of my favourites too! With much gratitude for your wonderful teaching and guiding the students through this course and lots of love!


    1. Thank you Silvia, this course does exactly that and makes the Modern Energy Healer very versatile in that respect. Everyone who takes this course has a wonderful time. It’s a delight to accompany and witness the student journeys. One of my favourite courses. Thanks to you ❤


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