Healing Hands Your Stories

Message from Trainer Sandra Hillawi….

I thought you might be interested to hear what you can do when you learn to channel the energy of love through your hands to bring healing. Here are some heart warming stories for you from the current Modern Energy Healer course.

Our lovely group of 12 have just over half way through the current Modern Energy Healer course and we had the most beautiful meet-up to share stories.

Having learned different ways of hands on healing, touching the energy body to bring ease and relief to pain and suffering with The Gentle Touch, The Beautiful Touch, The Royal Touch, this week was about putting it all into practice. Here are a few of the sharings from our energy healing course.

“I’m amazed at how much energy is generated in my whole body, from the simplest thing, just raising the energy of love. This extra energy is helping me a lot personally to get through a high workload I have prior to my forthcoming retirement.” Peter, UK

“I’m so happy that I could release a painful memory for my son aged 10, from a bullying episode that was still causing him to still feel anger and hurt. I simply placed my healing hands on his heart where he was hurting and used The Gentle Touch to bring love energy there and encouraged energy flow. He felt so much happier about it afterwards. I was so happy to do that for him.” Christine, Malaysia

“My client this week was really on the edge. After only 20 minutes of energy healing with my hands using The Royal Touch on her heart she has transformed. She was actually amazed at how much happier and energised she was from being in such a low place. Even her relationship has improved! Amazing!.” Lorna, Scotland

“I just love the simplicity and power of these healing touches, the human connections which are beautiful, and the energy kick back I get for myself is awesome, like a vortex energising my whole body.” David, USA

“This Modern Energy Healer course has very profound potential. It’s been so good to discover and I love the group connection, had some real untanglings in my stomach from a healing session and can share more freely in the group now.” Dieter, Germany

“I used The Beautiful Touch and hovering my hands over this person’s energy body I could feel a difference where something had happened. I asked her what happened in that area. She revealed what the problem was in her body. After encouraging the energy to flow there and re-affirming the beauty, perfection, and belovedness of that part of her, she felt so much better. In fact she also transformed from talking a lot to being peaceful and quiet. Another great result!” Jamesylvester, Nigeria

“After a very stressful episode 2 days ago I sat with my hands of love on my heart and directed love to my aspect of 2 days earlier. After only a few minutes I sensed a real change. Instead of feeling stressed and tearful remembering what happened I sensed my past self now felt loved instead. It felt sooo good to do that!” Sandra, UK

“Beautiful feedback from a beautiful course for a beautiful, brilliant teacher! LOVE! I’m so glad you are teaching this course. Human touch is so precious and in short supply these days. I wish many, many more will take this course.” Silvia Hartmann, President of The Guild of Energists, UK

We have two more weeks on our journey of love, beauty and connection to go exploring Distance Healing and Constellations and then finally Feeding and Care of the Soul.

Then the next Modern Energy Healer training course is due to start soon. The present course was fully booked with 12 participants and 50% of them men. So Gentlemen, don’t be shy, this course is also for you!

If you would like to gain confidence to use your hands of love for healing… then take the next journey with us.

As you touch and heal the energy body to bring relief to stress, pain, suffering and psychosomatic issues you will in turn experience more love, more connection and moments of pure beauty.

Modern Energy Healer Course Details and registration information is here.

Love and Thanks

Sandra Hillawi, International Energy Trainer for 20 years

Published by Sandra

Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites www.mysongsandpoems.wordpress.com is inspired by events and people in my life My new site www.energistpoems.wordpress.com is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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