Semih C Turkey

For the first try with these videos I was so relaxed and went into a sleepy mood. I was not familiar with the idea of energy but I continued. I have backbone pain for a very long time. It’s very persistent.  At the end I felt a few points of decrease in my pain. Thanks for the easing of the pain. 

Margarita Foley Ireland

Sandra I am so excited today because LOVE works powerfully to heal and now I am wondering what other magic it will bring about. As you know I have had muscular rheumatism for almost 4 years and have tried all the tools I have learned and more. Well last night when I worked with your video bringing in the energy of love to the place of pain I began to notice a loosening of my tight muscles. Then I said to myself “Why not bring in the flow of the LOVE of the Trinity. Well today I am beginning to feel an even greater flow of movement. It is ongoing but I feel I am beginning to find the healing I was longing for.

Anne Beck Chicago

I used this for intense emotional pain. The explanation about the pain resulting from absence of energy was a needed piece of knowledge that helped the process flow really well. I especially found a lot of benefit in the part about giving permission to feel as you do as the first step. My pain improved within minutes. I will be coming back to this beautifully guided process again and again.

Sasanti Paramita Rahayu Murat Malaysia

Brilliant 8 videos with Love.   Very well done Sandra. I enjoyed it very Much. Only yesterday I shared to my people about Allowing and accepting any feelings in the current event they had. I used word Be compassion to Our self so we can give self forgiveness to ourselves. I was yawning much when I did that 8 videos. Felt so much better using it to heal one particular big event. Continue to do it. Thank You for all efforts You put it on. It’s wonderful.

Eleazar Spetter Isreal

The enthusiasm of Sandra is amazing and contagious, I enjoyed and loved every part of working with her in my courses. I am very happy I did the course and in the experiences we did several old issues from me was healed.  So thank you very much. Sandra is a great teacher

Gulcan Arpacioglu Turkey

Sandra is a very professional instructor, has enormous experience in the methods she teaches; and most importantly, is a very warm-hearted person. The “heart energy” of Sandra was buzzing all day. I could not hug her enough! She was clear, precise and honest about everything she taught.

Ray Williams USA

First things first, Sandra is an amazing teacher able to communicate on all levels with knowledge and experience in all the methods she uses.

I have been to several classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far. Sandra’s presentations and experience shows she is well versed in the techniques and she always has time to talk one on one with us students. She goes the extra mile to make sure we are ready and able.

Sandra is very clear, precise in the delivery of the class being presented. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to Sandra for her guidance and her teaching skills. GoE must be so proud to have Sandra as a trainer.

Homa A, Middlesex, UK

I can’t believe how differently I feel. After 10 minutes. I had dizziness in my head and a heavy pain in my neck from the stresses of caring for someone who has a very challenging situation. It was getting to be such a heavy burden. Now after healing with love I’m set free and light again and even feel strength buzzing in my body with the power to go on. Thank you Sandra. Homa A, Middlesex