Lorna Firth, Energy Trainer

“I am so glad and eternally grateful that I joined the MEH Modern Energy Healer course with Sandra.

I thought I had learned everything from the GOE courses.

I have found MEH with Sandra is beautiful and amazing, adding a new dimension to my skills as a professional practitioner and Trainer.

I found I could no longer practice Chanelled Energies such as Reiki and Sekhem because of my back problem. Now I can use my skills as an MEH without having to work with clients in ways I found uncomfortable, thus benefiting my clients.

I feel so honoured to give this gift that keeps on giving,

Thank you Sandra for your patience, love and professionalism

The format in which the Modern Energy Healer course was presented was easy to follow with the back up videos and live group call every week” Lorna Firth, Scotland

Jennine Allen, England

Jennine Allen Hi Sandra,
Just want to let you know that from the first of these sessions, I’ve attended 4 now, there has been a steady improvement in the pain in my feet. It has come back a little during the day, when I’ve been at work, but when we did the process each time the baseline pain, which has been consistent for the last 2 months, has shown a significant decrease. Before it was so painful it was waking me in the night. I really enjoy doing the technique, especially your comment that pain is just a reminder to love yourself, and body, more. Thank you so much.

Barbara Burgess, Notts UK

I used the videos to heal some pain. I had pulled a muscle in my hip area. I saw it as a burning tennis ball and hard. Then it softened and disappeared and went out of my body. Loved the video and will use again and share. Bless You. x Barbara

Sonia De Juan Gonzales Spain

The videos are really fantastic. I love them. I did them in the car! I had a tension in my back since taking care of my Father, moving him while he was ill. Nobody solved my pain, even the Osteo I went to. When travelling the other day I lifted my cases and my back seized completely. So I did the sessions in the Healing Pain with Love videos in the car and on arrival at the hotel.  Next day I woke up and I forgot I had pain! The advanced videos also helped me heal a past memory too  of a time when I felt in prison of my life. So now I feel really well and my back tension almost completely gone. Thank you Sandra so much.   

Dee Godfrey, Oxfordshire UK

When I did the first exercise with the videos I felt very unsure and did not want to visit my pain however, I did. My pain was a thick, black blob. As I listened to your instructions it began to develop holes in it and thinned like a paper doily, it began to turn grey and then pinkish – softening more changed it to ripe peaches and then softening even more was like a full nest of pale, pink downy feathers which I could allow to rise up through the top of my head and cascade all around me. Beautiful and I was smiling as I felt the energy moving. If anyone, who knows nothing about energy work, has any reservations to trying it I would advise them to experience it for themselves and just see what happens. Wishing you all the very best in bringing healing pain knowledge and understanding to thousands and thousands of people. Lots of love to you xxx

Razlan A Malaysia

I am very blessed in meeting you. I have lost all my anger building up all these years and feel so peaceful and contented with myself and all the hate has turned to love. Thank you, you are awesome.

Isaac Lim Malaysia

Sandra you are like an Angel coming to help us all. Your sweet voice can melt stony hearts with love and tenderness, you are radiant with the unconditional love you gave us. Gratitude to God for sending you to us.

Dr Niveen Sobhy Egypt

Sandra Hillawi, is one of the most effective and well knowledgeable trainers I have ever experienced training with. In addition to her high human sensation, she has her delicate and tender ways wrapped with sweet sense of humor during the training times or the healing sessions. I am truly grateful for all the reasons that let me meet and know her. Thank you our love angel on earth.

Suheyla Pinar Turkey

The course really exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, raised my awareness, self-understanding, understanding of others. It motivated me to train other people and to expand this knowledge wherever İ can.

Its had an absolutely positive effect on my life. I am so glad and happy, overwhelmed with joy that I made it to this Training. Both gave me a fuller understanding about life and people, energised me and empowered me. This has to reflect on all aspects of my life. Thank you Sandra.

All the exercises contributed intensely to my personal development. 

İ do not have enough words to thank Sandra for her efficıency, intensive knowledge of the materıal, techniques, compassion. I think Sandra is an EXCELLENT teacher wıth STARS.

EMO in particular is to me the solution to all the problems faced by all the peoples of the world. İf only governments would be willing to endorse this training it would bring an absolute end to all the fights, war, hate, rape,violence and prejudice.

Banucan A Turkey

Sandra is doing her energy work with real feeling and by heart. I wish that all the things that I have learned in this workshop information and energy techniques would be learned by whole world.