Jennine Allen, England

Jennine Allen Hi Sandra,Just want to let you know that from the first of these sessions, I’ve attended 4 now, there has been a steady improvement in the pain in my feet. It has come back a little during the day, when I’ve been at work, but when we did the process each time the baselineContinue reading “Jennine Allen, England”

Barbara Burgess, Notts UK

I used the videos to heal some pain. I had pulled a muscle in my hip area. I saw it as a burning tennis ball and hard. Then it softened and disappeared and went out of my body. Loved the video and will use again and share. Bless You. x Barbara

Razlan A Malaysia

I am very blessed in meeting you. I have lost all my anger building up all these years and feel so peaceful and contented with myself and all the hate has turned to love. Thank you, you are awesome.

Isaac Lim Malaysia

Sandra you are like an Angel coming to help us all. Your sweet voice can melt stony hearts with love and tenderness, you are radiant with the unconditional love you gave us. Gratitude to God for sending you to us.

Dr Niveen Sobhy Egypt

Sandra Hillawi, is one of the most effective and well knowledgeable trainers I have ever experienced training with. In addition to her high human sensation, she has her delicate and tender ways wrapped with sweet sense of humor during the training times or the healing sessions. I am truly grateful for all the reasons thatContinue reading “Dr Niveen Sobhy Egypt”

Suheyla Pinar Turkey

The course really exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, raised my awareness, self-understanding, understanding of others. It motivated me to train other people and to expand this knowledge wherever İ can. Its had an absolutely positive effect on my life. I am so glad and happy, overwhelmed with joy that I made it toContinue reading “Suheyla Pinar Turkey”

Banucan A Turkey

Sandra is doing her energy work with real feeling and by heart. I wish that all the things that I have learned in this workshop information and energy techniques would be learned by whole world. 

Semih C Turkey

For the first try with these videos I was so relaxed and went into a sleepy mood. I was not familiar with the idea of energy but I continued. I have backbone pain for a very long time. It’s very persistent.  At the end I felt a few points of decrease in my pain. ThanksContinue reading “Semih C Turkey”