Dee Godfrey, Oxfordshire UK

When I did the first exercise with the videos I felt very unsure and did not want to visit my pain however, I did. My pain was a thick, black blob. As I listened to your instructions it began to develop holes in it and thinned like a paper doily, it began to turn grey and then pinkish – softening more changed it to ripe peaches and then softening even more was like a full nest of pale, pink downy feathers which I could allow to rise up through the top of my head and cascade all around me. Beautiful and I was smiling as I felt the energy moving. If anyone, who knows nothing about energy work, has any reservations to trying it I would advise them to experience it for themselves and just see what happens. Wishing you all the very best in bringing healing pain knowledge and understanding to thousands and thousands of people. Lots of love to you xxx

Published by Sandra

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