Energy Healing Online Course with Certificate

I am delighted to be able to share three energy healing online courses with certificate which I am offering, each with certification from The Guild of Energists.

  1. The Community Energy Healer Training Course
  2. The Modern Energy Healer Training Course
  3. The Energy in Motion Master Training Course also known as EMO Master

Lets compare these courses so you can decide which one may be right for you, starting with

The Community Energy Healer

This course is taught online and also on location. The online version is by live zoom classes of 3 hours (with a break) running over 4 weeks, in a group for learning, support and practice. For example this is typically one morning or one evening per week for four weeks.

The Community Energy Healer Course teaches you the basics of energy healing for all things related to emotions and stress directing you to locate energy blockages in the body and use the power of energy healing to heal and improve energy flow, thereby changing the emotional state and improving mind body spirit wellness. In this modality the client is empowered and actively involved in the healing process with the healer working together to improve energy flow and evolve the problem.

On completion you will be qualified to help yourself, friends, family and clients to heal and improve energy flow for specific problems and create a positive change. Low cost entry level course.

Full Course Information Here and enrollment on the next Community Energy Healer Online Training Course here

The Modern Energy Healer Training Course

This course is a video course suitable to study at your own pace, approximately over eight weeks. The videos cover energy concepts, demonstrations, guided healing exercises and directed homework to practice. Students have tutor support with myself, Sandra Hillawi, by email writing up and sharing experiences with their questions which I respond to.

The course is a more sophisticated energy healing training where the student leans several energy touches to heal the energy body where the client or subject is passively receiving healing. It also covers energy constellations, distant healing and soul healing.

Certification is by The Guild of Energists on successful completion. Full course information and enrollment can be found here. Medium cost hands on healing practitioner course.

The Energy In Motion Master Practitioner Training

Also known as EMO this is the most comprehensive foundational training in the principles and laws of energy, emotion, evolution and love. It can be learned live on location but more often now live online with a group.

This covers everything from energy fundamentals and the laws of energy, to energy healing, energy flow, performance enhancement, healing the past, present and future, relationships, the nature of energy events, creating threshold shifts for lasting change, art solutions and creativity, developing your 6th sense and intuition, healing and powering the heart, reconnecting with energy mind and the soul for your spiritual evolution.

With EMO the client is once again in empowered mode engaged in their healing process guided and assisted by the healer. Focus is in the body on the locations of energy blockages, adding energy to heal and increase energy flow towards love and transformation.

EMO is the energy engine upon which most other energy healing modalities operate and is rightly called the EMO Master Course. Full practitioner course information here. Contact Sandra by email for availability on the next course. Average cost professional course.

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Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites is inspired by events and people in my life My new site is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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