The Beauty of Mercy

Why I Love The Energy of Mercy

I first started to wonder and explore about Mercy when I became familiar with the opening of The Quran بِسْمِ ٱللّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ‎   bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmi, pronounced at the start of anything with good intentions. Why would Mercy be given such a high esteem as that?

And over the years on the occasions I might find myself sat in a Church service I’d often pondered the prayers which ended in ‘Lord Have Mercy’ but back then, to me, they were never more than words. They were never felt experiences for me so I never really understood more than a small sense of the full meaning of what was Mercy.

As an energy healer and trainer I am an explorer of energies personally and professionally.

I have observed how we often have a resistance to our new experiences, our challenges. This resistance is opposing the flow of life energies that we meet on our way. It means we hold those experiences within, as opposed to having the ability for these experiences to flow in us and be released, transforming us in a positive way.

As a healer I work a lot with the energy movement of ‘allowance’, allowing what is, allowing our self to feel how we are feeling, allowing ourselves to be as we are. This releases that inner resistance and opens an inner way for energy to flow again to release.

From there, exploring complete allowance, the most complete allowance, ever increasing degrees of allowance to infinite allowance, I discovered how more and more of our inner reversals to the natural flow of life untangle, unravel, and are allowed to release. On this journey to higher degrees of allowance I met and experienced the greatest energy of allowance there is, the energy of Mercy.

In Mercy all is allowed and all flows. There is no resistance, there is no pain, there is no unforgiveness.

Mercy is higher than forgiveness

In forgiveness there was something that was stuck. Whereas in Mercy… nothing is stuck, nothing needs to be forgiven.

Some say Mercy means I am forgiven my sins without having to say sorry, without punishment, like a get out of jail free card! So great is Mercy.

And how is that so, that nothing needs to be forgiven? From which point of view is that?

And this is where the energy of Compassion comes within the energy of Mercy.

Once we understand something fully we say ‘ah I get that now’ and judgements within us can release.

I extrapolate that to say ‘when all is known that needs to be known there is only Compassion and Love.

Mercy is higher, it already knows all, understands all. Mercy has Compassion within it.

So I came to understand why the highest energies are announced in The Opening “In the Name of Allah, The All Merciful The All Compassionate” and why we ask for Mercy on everything in our prayers. The highest Love within which all is known, all is healed and all flows.

Our Weekly Love Meet Ups

Last week in our weekly Meet Up for those on the journey through The Love Clinic Course, we did a meditation on Mercy. It was so beautiful we couldn’t speak afterwards and next day members reported on how great they felt waking up and even some physical issues being eased in the flow of the energy of Mercy.

I have an audio recording of the meditation, if anyone would like a copy, please just ask.

We will do many more Love Meditations as we meet each week in journey together through The Love Clinic Courses, course which bring my book to life.

If you are interested to explore with us on your own evolution journey then you can join our community by taking one of the courses below.

Thank you for reading.

Love Compassion and Mercy be on you

wherever you are right now and in your life.

Sandra Hillawi

Master Energy Trainer

Creator of The Love Clinic Courses

The Love Clinic Self Love Course

The Love Clinic Course – The Three Love Relationships

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