Stop Trying To Heal It

The Love Clinic – Stop trying to heal it!!

In The Love Clinic today  with a client suffering still today from childhood traumas. Today we just talked about how long this client had had this problem and how long he’d been trying to heal this problem. There came a point of realisation that he was so attached to the outcome, the state of being healed and free, that every time he slipped back to pain, he was frustrated and angry at himself and didn’t seem to be making any progress.

In that pattern of trying so desperately to heal was there an innate inability to accept that part of ourselves, that’s seeking forever attention, enough attention, the right kind of attention that it actually needs to be able to heal.

Today we talked about surrender of the dreams and goals that we are fixed and attached to, how painful that is and yet how freeing it is when we can.

We talked about loving ourselves, just as we are.

We wondered is it possible, just for a moment , to completely allow this ‘problem’, ‘it’, to be… as it is, to not try to heal or change it… to just allow it, so completely just for a moment…. and to hold it in Compassion and understanding for how it came to be, to hold it in Love… as it is… and give it complete unconditional allowance.. to hold it in Mercy …. just for a moment…. with no expectation, no trying to reach anywhere, no trying to heal it ….. just to hold it in Love Compassion and Mercy… to breathe and be with ‘it’.

It was  an enlightenment moment, a breakthrough, a shift, and opening up, a relief a release a dawning and emergence into a new possibility, a new way of being.

I love and accept myself completely as I am with all compassion and all mercy I allow myself and all that is… to be…as it is….. and be held in love.

And so we will see the next episode in the journey.

With love and thanks

Sandra Hillawi

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