Foreword to the new book Healing Your Heart Poems Songs and Prayers by Sister Margarita Foley

Sr Margarita Foley

I am most grateful to my dear friend Margarita Foley for writing the foreword to my new book Healing Your Heart Poems Songs and Prayers. Margarita says:

“This book is so beautiful, I can’t even tell you what it makes me feel, it’s just alive, it’s beyond words.

From a very young age I instinctively knew the importance and power of love in our lives. However, it takes a whole life and beyond to know the true power of Love.

As I read through each of these poems I vibrated to their meaning and impact. In fact I felt I was experiencing my own story with all its ebbs and flows.

We experience love in different ways at each stage of our lives. When we come very close to a person who has found the love of their heart and lives through all its joys and pain we then recognise our own story through the life of another person.

I am familiar with the movement of love in Sandra’s life. I have witnessed how love has moved her step by step into a path of shining love. This is where secretly we all long to be.

We are all spiritually and energetically connected and the biggest connection between us is the capacity for love imprinted in the heart of each person. But until we can heal and enter our heart and get to know this love we can wander off in different paths and even through deserts in our lives.

Fortunately LOVE always finds a way to draw us back to who we are. That is why we can send love to every person and situation and these songs and poems show us how.
Each of these songs and poems are an experience of how love travels through our life and our being transforming us as it flows.

Read each jewel in this book and experience it for yourself. It can be your prayer book too.”

Margarita Foley 
Religious Sister and Energist

Available on Amazon stores for download on kindle, link below. 

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