Loving Doing Facebook Live Feeds

Live Feeds on Facebook – Join for live sessions of Healing Pain with Love

To celebrate the launch of this my new website I have started doing facebook live feeds. It was such a step up and out for me and now I love it!

Seeing people jumping on the calls, old acquaintances and new, and doing group healings and everyone typing their great results, its amazing. I just love it!

Foot pain… -8 to +3, Stomach sickness -5 to +4, Neck pain -5 to +6, Sadness -8 to +10 all iin the space of 20 minutes with lots of pauses as new people join in.

To watch for news and how you can jump on a call and get some healing for the pains in your life, go over to my facebook page Sandra Hillawi Healing Pain With Love and Like it or send me a friend request. I look forward to meeting you soon on a live call.

healing pain with love on facebook live

Published by Sandra

Welcome and enjoy my two poetry websites www.mysongsandpoems.wordpress.com is inspired by events and people in my life My new site www.energistpoems.wordpress.com is poetry emerging from the training courses I run, EMO Energy In Motion, teaching people about emotions energy love and creativity. Thank you for reading.

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