Suheyla Pinar Turkey

The course really exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, raised my awareness, self-understanding, understanding of others. It motivated me to train other people and to expand this knowledge wherever İ can.

Its had an absolutely positive effect on my life. I am so glad and happy, overwhelmed with joy that I made it to this Training. Both gave me a fuller understanding about life and people, energised me and empowered me. This has to reflect on all aspects of my life. Thank you Sandra.

All the exercises contributed intensely to my personal development. 

İ do not have enough words to thank Sandra for her efficıency, intensive knowledge of the materıal, techniques, compassion. I think Sandra is an EXCELLENT teacher wıth STARS.

EMO in particular is to me the solution to all the problems faced by all the peoples of the world. İf only governments would be willing to endorse this training it would bring an absolute end to all the fights, war, hate, rape,violence and prejudice.

Published by Sandra

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