The Love Clinic Online Course

Make 2021 a Year of Love!

Remove all obstacles to love in the big three relationships You, Others and Your Divine Source

and enjoy a life filled with love, live happiness every day and be a source of light to others in the world!

Join Sandra Hillawi, International Master Trainer in Energy and Emotional Transformation on a Journey of Love as she brings her highly acclaimed book The Love Clinic to life for you, in person, in this live online course.

  • Starting 14th February 2021
  • Running for twelve inspiring love-filled weeks
  • Love Workshops live with Sandra duration 1 hr 30 each week
  • Time to understand the energy dynamics of love in relationships
  • Time to apply the energy principles for healing and evolution
  • Replays to watch again and again or catch up if you missed one
  • A private facebook group to share your journey
  • Single payment deals
  • Installment payments to make it easy
  • Couples Coupon person 2 at 50% so you can both learn and transform
  • Retake coupon 50% for past attendees
  • Coupon option for those who responded on New Years Day
Self Help or Professional?

If you are looking for personal benefit only, no prior knowledge required, just choose your Enrollment checkout 1 or 2 below. Attendees will receive The Love Clinic Ambassador certificate of completion.

If you are a professional and would like certification as an EMO Relationships Master from The Guild of Energists on completion, you must also be pre-qualified as an EMO Energy In Motion Master. The next date for EMO Master qualification is 15-16-17th January. Choose Enrollment Checkout 3 to book EMO Master Training and then come back to choose Enrollment Checkout 1 or 2 according to your payment plan choice. For those already qualified EMO Masters just choose your Enrollment one or two below.

Couples and Retakes

If you are a couple, the second person can join at 50% off. Person 1 choose Enrollment option 1 or 2. Person 2 use coupon code TLC50PCT for single payment discount at Check out 1, or coupon TLC50INST for 50% off installments using check out 2.

If you have attended a past live Love Clinic workshop anywhere at any time with me, you are welcome to join again at 50%. For single payment discount use coupon code TLC50PCT at check out 1. For installments use coupon code TLC50INST at check out 2.

Choose Your Enrollment Checkout 1 or 2

Checkout 1 Click the image for check out

Checkout 2 Click the image for the check out page

Checkout 3 Pre-qualify as an EMO Master if you don’t already have this, to qualify as an EMO Relationships Master on completion of The Love Clinic Course. EMO Master starts 15-16-17th Jan.

Thank you Sandra! I am happy to say I am oozing with LOVE! I just can’t help it! Shireen Bob, Malaysia

I am happy to report that I can now say ‘I love God’ and genuinely feel it! It was a painful process but I surrendered at last and my 15 year emotional pain is now gone! Isaac Lim, Malaysia

Thank you Sandra! Once I did the last surrender session, even I felt sooo good holding my baby in my arms. Its a very special feeling. I hope everyone has their breakthrough and look forward to share my experience and knowledge to help many people in this world! Cheah Sheau Han, Malaysia

Say YES! to Love

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