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Choose a ‘Love Course’ or Donation to help Sandra Hillawi raise funds for life saving liver treatment for her husband, following cancer treatment since January

6th September 2022 Thanks so much for visiting my page!! We are on a long health journey. After 8 months of chemo this year since January, now 99% cancer free, my husband’s liver is very weak and treatment is needed is to save the liver and according to his Doctor to save his life. More in the video.

8th September 2022 Thank you to all those who visited this page and who supported by responding to this urgent and important appeal. The immediate funds £2500 have now been raised. From the part that was donations I would like to pay-it-forward. So I am able to offer to 8 people a free Course, either Healing with Love or Growing Compassion. Details and how to claim a free course here.

With all love and thanks. Medical treatment costs for part 2 of the liver treatment are now covered.

13th September 2022 This week is the rest time between liver treatments. Tests show the cancer has grown back a tiny bit and we need a bit more chemo this week plus blood plazma also. Target £750. I will leave this page up as we still need some help. Support expenses are ongoing and my work income is not covering what we need. Thank you and bless you if you can help.

Thank you for listening … 6 mins

Thank you for helping

Ours is not an easy journey. Some will know the last few years that we have been through heart operations, kidney transplant, liver problems and surgery, cancer on and off for 8 years, Covid and this year cancer and the liver again. That’s just the last few years.

It is an extraordinary journey for a man to bear so much, as he does with saintly patience and dignity to make it this far. This is only possible by the power of love, compassion, faith, strength and having a reason to live for…. which is his love for me and his son ….. and of course the amazing medical support.

So I pull myself together, raise my energy, tap away my fears of showing up here and tap into my champion energy … and here I am… much more dignified than I was 2 days ago!! 🙂

The shortfall we have to find by Saturday 10th is £2500. After that Id like to raise extra funds for the recovery phase and ongoing treatments he needs. So in total my target for this fundraiser is £5000 to let me manage this month in a relaxed way.

Sustainability Over the last 2 years of this health journey I have been growing a sustainable income source which will be able to support us in the future. Its not mature and accessible quite yet though the future looks brighter and easier financially if we can get through this step to some stability.

Together We Can Do It

What’s On The Love Menu?

If you would like to support in some way thanks for choosing one of these options

  1. Donation towards our treatment expenses by paypal or card

One of My Love Courses Mentioned in the Video

2. Healing with Love Video Course 8 x 1 hr 30 mins (pay what you want £37+)

3. Growing Compassion Video Course 8 x 1 hr 30 mins (pay what you want £37+)

4. The Love Clinic Online Course 12 Weeks Join our group starting 1st October

5. One Way Ticket To Cairo Collection of Songs and Poems (pay what you want £20+)

Thank you to everyone who is part of our community of love and friendship. Techniques we teach and practice are great but people caring with their kindness makes a huge difference. If you wish to send us a message you will be able to do so by email after choosing your option above. Deep love and thanks from my heart to yours. I appreciate your kindness and attention.

Now scroll back up and choose a beautiful love gift for yourself :-)) or for a loved one, knowing that you really are making a difference in a very big way to us too!

And if you choose a Donation I will offer a course to gift to someone who may not be able to pay their own place and make some one else happy too!

Short Link to Copy To Share These Great Offers with Friends and Colleagues

Me and my lovely husband in times of better health. When he gets through this I will send an updated photo from the same place, Cafe Granada near The View Hurghada

Thank you from our hearts!

If you chose a course I will be in touch in the next 1-2 days with course details.

2 thoughts on “Fund Raising Page

  1. Dear Sandra, I am so sorry to hear of your troubles right now. I have made a small donation via paypal but send you both my love and healing blessings for a brilliant outcome for you both. With your permission, I will dowse to check for any negative energy around your home that could be hindering your Husbands full recovery. (Geopathic Stress Removal). I can do this remotely using crystals so there is nothing you need to do. Much Love to you both. Esther xxx


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