Replays Compassion Oct 2019

Compassion 1 24 October 2019
Discussion: What is compassion?
Experience: Self Compassion
Compassion Dieter and Sandra Chat 31 Oct 2019 – Bonus Session
Compassion 2 1 November 2019
Discussion: Energy Movement of Compassion for Our Aspects
Experience: Self Compassion – for an Aspect
Compassion 3
Experience: Compassion for The Aspect
Compassion 4
Experience: Healing with Group Compassion for A Person
Experience: Dynamic Compassion
Compassion 5
Experience: Compassion for The Perpetrator
Compassion 6
Discussion: Ho’Opononopono
Experience: Ho’Opononopono
Discussion: The Cross and Compassion of Christ
Experience: Being witnessed by Christ’s Love and Compassion
Compassion 8
Discussion: Review of learnings and experiences
Experience: Compassion for personal choice and needs
Final sharing learning and thanks

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