Modern Energy Tapping Training

Below are the training options available with Sandra Hillawi for Self Help and Professional Training in Modern Energy Tapping. Four registration packages are available.

L1 Foundation Training – Self Help

Module 1  The Basics of Modern Energy Tapping  
  • The SUE Scale – How To Check And Measure Your Energy
  • The Heart Position – Connect and Stabilise Your Energy
  • The Energy Tapping Round –  How To Boost Your Energy
  • The Love Elevator –  Power Up With Positives To Reach +10
Module 2 The Energy Billionaire  
  • The Resilient You – When To Tap and The Energy Menu
  • The Nature Tap – Draw in Nature Energy Nurture and Regenerate
  • The Animal Tap – Power Cocktails and Shortcuts
  • The Colour Tap – Draw in Colour Remedies for Any Occasion
Module 3 Problem Shrinker Solution Builder Kit 
  • Real Problem Dissolving –  Raise Above Your Problem into The Solution State 
  • The Rescue Mission – Empower Your Past And Change Your Present
  • The Future Guarantee – Empower Your Future For Success 
  • The Distant Healer – Help Others not Present
Module 4 The Energist in Your Community 
  • Helping Friends, Family, Relationships, Groups
  • Tappy Bear for Children’s Stress and Creative Magic
  • Your Heart of Gold
Course Fee £165 also includes:
  • Vibrant full colour manual shipped to you before your training 
  • Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Self Help Certificate Accredited by The Guild of Energists shipped to you after the training 
  • 1 Year Standard Membership of The Guild of Energists  which includes
    • GoE Support Community on facebook
    • Monthly news by email
    • Member files & Documents, slideshows, diagrams to download, tapping protocols in many languages to use and share
  • GoE Library Access 
    •  Video trainings from the Energy Conferences you missed
    •  Videos, Audio Downloads, Articles for Inspiration from Around The World 
    • 25+ Published Scientific Research Studies on EFT and Accupoint Tapping

NEXT DATES: Saturday 13th February 2021 10 am – 5pm UK time

L2 Modern Energy Tapping Professional

If we tune into how we are feeling and what we need, what we are hungry for, what the solutions are, we can use energy tapping to treat stress and emotional problems and bring our emotional state up fast. This leads us into feeling happier and more empowered without digging in the painful past. We can take our state through to a +10 healing event, experiencing love, freedom, forgiveness and spiritual states and create a threshold shift with a lasting change for ourselves and our clients. This training brings together many years of research and discovery in the field of Modern Energy. 

This course is a must for all helpers, healers, coaches, stress management professionals, doctors, counsellors and ANYONE who wishes to find and follow a new career in bringing people safely out of stress and into a better place in their life, where people are functioning in a healthy and higher performance way. Also suitable to practice and lead tapping groups online to help with today’s ever increasing challenges.

Twelve Modules taking any person who has completed Modern Energy Tapping Foundation / Energy EFT Foundation to this new professional level. 

9 mins course overview and look through the manual

Day 1 Professional Foundation

1 – The Gift Of Modern Energy
2 – The Power Of The Positives
3 – Future Orientation
4 – The Treatment Flow

Day 2 Problems and Professional Approaches

5 – The Story Protocol
6 – The EMO Energy Body Protocol
7 – The Energy Events Matrix
8 – Miracles Of Healing

Day 3 Advanced Skills and Your 6th Sense

9 – Energy Relationships
10 – SuperMind Solutions
11 – Advanced Energy Tapping
12 – The New Beginning 

Course fee £645 includes : 3 days professional training, 1 year professional licence and membership of The Guild of Energists, printed full colour manual by post, certificate by post, membership of the private facebook group support community, access to the The GoE library , newsletters, special offers from President Silvia Hartmann.

NEXT DATES: 26-27-28 February 2021 9.30 am – 5.30 pm UK time 3 days

Student Feedback

Corne Jooste Sandra, you blessed us with deep understanding, inspired us with your high energy and delivered the course with superb elegance. You are an excellent trainer and your personal experiences brought the coursework to life. I cannot wait to expand my knowledge into other areas of modern energy and bringing this to my own clients and community. Highly recommended!  

Helen Ryle The 3-day MET Pro course helped me to really understand the true power of the positives. I was astonished by how easy it was to take myself or my practice partner up the SUE scale quickly and reliably without ever having to delve into the problem. Instead we focused on and encouraged the positive energy needed to evolve and transform the problem. Our trainer Sandra Hillawi was superb, she illustrated the learnings with case stories and examples from her own experience and I learned so much more about modern energy than I understood before.

More Stories About Sandra

MET Pro Course Recordings

Your professional training will be recorded and available after the course to those who have purchased it either as the Gold package below with discount applied or separately after the course. Course Recordings £300.

MET Pro Monthly Group

Meeting on the last Monday of the month, choose from 12 noon and 7 pm to suit you best. This is a continuous personal and professional development group, open to qualified MET Professionals only, with supervision of client cases as needed, peer group support and lasting relationships with training buddies.This will be an invaluable asset to you providing love and uplift on your professional and personal journey. All active members also have access to past professional Course Recordings to refresh and collect training gems from different courses, another huge value as a bonus. Monthly membership is £30, 1 year £330.

Enrollment Options

Monthly Tapping Group for Self Help Enrollment

Not ready for accredited training yet? Then join Tapping into Freedom Monthly Group, meeting for 1 hr on the 2nd Wednesday of each month with Replays if you miss the live meeting.

Monthly Group Enrollment Here

Bronze Enrollment

L1 MET Foundation Only Fee £165 in one single payment

Bronze Enrollment Here

Silver Enrollment

L1 MET Foundation £165 plus L2 MET Professional £645 Total £810 Save 15% Total £688.50 in three monthly installments £229.50 x 3

Silver Enrollment Here

Gold Enrollment

L1 MET Foundation £165 + L2 MET Professional £645 + Course Replays £300 + 1 Year Membership of MET Pro Monthly £330 Total £1440 Save 30% Pay £1,008 in three monthly installments £336 x 3

Gold Package Enrollment Here

Gold Star Enrollment

L1 MET Foundation £165 + L2 MET Professional £645 + Course Replays £300 + 1 Year Membership of MET Pro Monthly £330 Total £1440 Save 35% One payment of £936 PLUS Free Bonus of MSM Modern Stress Management Course below, value £135

Gold Star Package Enrollment

Gold Star Bonus Gift of MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation Training. 10 hours over 5 days video training recordings to watch and learn more about Modern Energy Methods while waiting for your Foundation and Professional Trainings. Value £135 This training includes:

  1. Your Personal Stress Assessment
  2. Heart Power Techniques
  3. EFT-Tapping
  4. EMO Energy in Motion
  5. SuperMind Journeys
  6. Relationship Bubbles
  7. Empowering Others
  8. Reaching Your +10

Certification package containing: colour manual pdf, 1 year GoE membership, e-certificate are included in the MSM Bonus Gift, and can be applied for when you start and on completion of the course.

Terms and conditions. In cases of cancellation of your training place a full 100% credit is available to you to take the trainings on an alternative date up to 12 months from the cancelled course date.

Thank you for making this investment in your own personal development, which will support you for the rest of your life. Please scroll back up to choose your enrollment option Bronze, Silver, Gold or Gold Star.

With my love and Thanks, see you soon, Sandra xx

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