Just Giving

19th August

I am raising funds to support my husband through a heart operation and his time in hospital before and recovery afterwards. Thanks to a number of generous gifts we have collected most of what is needed. There remains a shortfall of £4000 before the operation can go ahead fully supported and this is needed within a week.

If you can help us with a donation towards this fund you will be helping me to support the most important thing in my life right now, the life of my dearest beloved, and helping us to have another chance for a life together in health and happiness. Any amount. My humble thanks to you for your kindness.

Peace, health, love and happiness blessings to you and yours. Sandra

Privacy. On making your Gift, your email is requested by the checkout. You will be added to my private list of very kind people who helped us. I will use this solely for sending updates God willing when we reach our target and I hope when we reach success after the operation.

You may choose to unsubscribe at any time at the foot of the Thank You email.

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