HWL 8 Week Online Course

Healing with Love is easy … everyone should know how

Whilst I have been a healer and trainer for many years the mission gained new impetus when my friend Trisha broke her arm and bruised her ribs falling off a bike. Over the phone I guided her in how to bring the energy of love to the places of pain in such a way as to feel complete release. Of course she still needed physical healing to happen, so for her it was a pain management exercise. But it only took only a few minutes to be pain free.

‘Healing with Love is so simple everyone should know how to do this’ I thought.

So I made some videos and started to share them and get feedback about how they were helping people. 

It was great feedback and now these Videos are assisting people help themselves on their healing journey.

That was all well and good, however what videos don’t have is

  • Live help responding to your experience directly.
  • A place to ask questions as they arise.
  • Experienced input to your personal situation.
  • Someone to take you by the hand and walk with you along the way.
  • Reassurance of being in a group that understands what you are going through
  • And a community to connect with and build relationships over a period of time
  • The power and love of group energy to evolve your problems
  • A place to share your experiences
  • Regular time each week to spend on you, to feel love and love yourself well

So I created the Healing Pain With Love Course  which was launched in August 2019 and progressed so well on Zoom that I am starting a new classes for 2020 next class starting September, Thursdays at UK 8 pm running for 8 weeks.

This will also take you on a journey to become an energy healer for yourself, friends family and even your pets.

Now here is what you will experience in the

Healing With Love 8 Week Course

Module 1  Your Adventure Begins     

  • Understanding your pain and symptoms
  • Time for Healing Pain with Love
  • Faster and better results

Module 2 Your Personal Healing Journey   

  • Plotting your own Timeline of events
  • Revealing your energy matrix
  • Time for Healing 
  • Going beyond peace to happiness and love

Module 3 Healing Your Heart  

  • How to heal your heart breaks
  • Time for healing
  • Raising the vibration of love even higher
  • Heart Healing Poetry

Module 4 The Ocean of Love  

  • Becoming Aware of The Ocean
  • Bathing in Love and Light 
  • Allowing Love and Light to Shine onto the Pain
  • Time for Sharing

Module 5 and 6 Group Healing  

  • The Healing Power of The Group Energy
  • Identifying The Focus for Healing
  • Experiencing Being The Focus of Healing With Love
  • Time for Sharing

Module 7 Energy Constellations   

  • When Its not Only You, Its Them
  • Evolving Group and Family Dynamics
  • Time for Healing Pain with Love

Module 8 Celebration of Healing   

  • Healing The Pains of The World
  • Your Healing Stories, Poetry, Songs and Art
  • Celebration of Love
  • Ceremony and Your Next Steps

Price  £247 

Get started on a healing journey with love by booking on the next 8 week course starting October 2020

Healing Pain With Love 8 Week Live Online Course

Join Sandra live on Zoom for 8 weeks to discover and heal the origins of emotional and physical pain, and to help you evolve your experience.


After payment you will be added to the class mailing list for joining instructions, class reminders, zoom and replay links. Thank you for joining us.

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