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The Safe Approach

Introduction 2 minutes

Guided Self Healing Session

2. Guided Session 12 minutes
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Tips For Better and Faster Results

3. Healing Tips for Better Success

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Complete Set of 8 Videos

These 3 Videos are part of a Set of 8 that I recorded to help you go further to understand the possible origins of your pain and how to plot a healing path for more complete and lasting change. The full set of 8 videos includes:

  1. The Safe Approach
  2. Guided Self Healing Session
  3. Tips for Better and Faster Results
  4. Complex Pain, Accidents, Injuries, Chronic Pain, Psychosomatic Pain
  5. Example Case History
  6. Pain Origins and Plotting Your Personal Healing Pathway
  7. Guided Session to Heal A Past Event
  8. Your Next Steps

Life is funny sometimes. Good often emerges from bad. The catalyst for me making these videos was the healing session I gave my friend Trisha over the phone when she fell off her bike and broke her arm. In fact, if that hadn’t happened, this site would not even exist right now.

Makes you wonder, what’s the purpose of your pain? What opportunities has it already brought to you and may still yet have to bring? What is there yet to learn? For the full set of 8 videos and Trisha’s full story, check out the link below.

Healing Pain with Love Complete Set of 8 Videos

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