Thank You Gifts

A few years ago in a moment of stable health and happiness

Thank you for your gift of kindness which is welcome and appreciated at this difficult time for us and will go towards our funds for a kidney transplant and recovery time expenses. The operation is planned for around 8 or 9 September, with a month recovery time, subject to collecting the funds we need.

What you are doing is helping to save a precious life which is also the life most precious to me. So I want to share something from my soul to yours. Below are some of my songs and poems plus e-copies of my books. You are welcome to download anything with my love and thanks.

Oh, I also added you to an email list for news updates to kind supporters should you like to hear how we get on. If you do not wish to be on the list it’s easy to unsubscribe at the foot of the thank you email when it comes.

Love and Light Blessings on you, your family and your life

With our love and thanks, Sandra and Khaled

Read or Download The Love Clinic Here or Click the Book Cover

The Love Clinic is a Self Help Guide for Love and Relationships to help you Find Your Way Back To Love. Includes many inspiring stories and practical exercises.

Healing Your Heart Poems Songs and Prayers is what it says on the cover. Love medicine for your heart and soul.

This is my beloved husband and who he is to me

And this is a song for anyone who is in love, may all come to know this in their lives

More songs and poems from our journey over the years if you like food for the soul

You can help us reach our target faster by copying and sharing the link below and sharing it with those you think could and might help.

Thank you again and God bless you, your family and your life

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